Allegations churn Washington UW

Allegations churn Washington UW – Voluntary Sector

WASHINGTON D.C. — Robert Egger took control of the United Way of the National Capital Area, as the interim executive vice president. Federal Prosecutors, the Internal Revenue Services and others are investigating the agency on allegations of financial mismanagement.

Egger, the founder and executive director of the D.C. Central Kitchen, an innovative soup kitchen, replaces Norman O. Taylor.

The allegations claim that the agency:

* counted money that it did not raise, as its own,

* charged donors different prices for its services, and

* gave executives an excessive pay and expense allowance.

* 62% of funds not earmarked for specific charities, were used to cover the agency’s administrative expenses.

Egger stated that he viewed his role as one of restoring public confidence in the agency, and took the first step towards that goal by reducing his salary to $85,000 per year, one-third of what Taylor earned.

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