Agency loses BC funding and becomes “enterprising charity”

Agency loses BC funding and becomes “enterprising charity” – Health

VANCOUVER — Faced with an end to provincial government funding, the Tzu Chi Institute announced that it has become an “enterprising charity” that will follow a “third road” between government-funded and profit-making health care.

The move was triggered by a BC Government decision, in March, to terminate operating grants to Tzu Chi, which made up approximately 49% of the Institute’s revenues.

The Institute provides “integrated health care”. Clients are assessed and treated by a team of both conventional and complementary health care professionals; research; and education.

Tzu Chi Executive Director Barbara Findlay says the organization will be funded by a diverse blend of donations, fees for service, for-profit consulting fees, memberships and grants.

“We have a strong base of clients and donors as well as growing public interest in our approach to wellness. We believe people will be interested by the concept of charitable enterprise as a “third way” to offer health care. 604-875-4769 x66214

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