Oftel gets thumbs up fro BT competitor

Oftel gets thumbs up fro BT competitor – Bulldog Communications

Embattled UK telecoms regulator, Oftel, has received full backing for its latest proposed ruling on shared access to the local loop by Bulldog Communications — BT’s only competitor in the wholesale-only broadband services market.

Under the ruling Bulldog will not have to pay multiple line charges to BT when customers only want access to its high. bandwidth (DSL) Internet product whilst maintaining voice services from BT. Bulldog will therefore be able offer a more price-competitive wholesale DSL package and end users will receive access to the most cost-effective broadband Internet services.

Oftel’s shared access proposal is timely as it comes in conjunction with the European Parliament’s approval of the European Commission’s unbundling legislation. Richard Greco, CEO of Bulldog Communications comments: “As the only UK alternative to BT in the wholesale broadband services market, Oftel’s proposal puts us in a very strong position. Much has been said about the Government’s `Broadband Britain’ initiative and until now this has been some way off.”

David Edmonds has been appointed as head of Oftel for a further three years.

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