From the editor

From the editor

This month, Clinician Reviews debuts a new department called POEMs–Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters (see page 71). In the past decade, there has been a barrage of medical information published in the scientific literature, and often time constraints and “information overload” make it difficult for clinicians to keep abreast of the latest advances in medicine.

So Clinician Reviews has partnered with InfoRetriever(C), part of the InfoPOEMs(C) Clinical Awareness System[TM], to provide you with medical information that matters to your patients. The POEMs concept attempts to provide a filtering system, screening out most research findings and leaving only information that is correct and relevant to everyday practice.

What is a POEM? A POEM is valid research that answers three questions:

* Did the research study examine an outcome that patients care about?

* Is the problem studied common, and is the intervention feasible?

* Does the information have the potential to change the way clinicians practice?

Each month, InfoRetriever’s team of family physicians and educators combs through more than 100 clinical journals, looking for study results that are immediately applicable to practice. Potentially relevant research findings are identified and evaluated. The POEMs that are deemed valid are summarized, reviewed, revised, and compiled into InfoRetriever ( Each issue of Clinician Reviews will feature at least two POEMs drawn from this system.

We are in an age when clinicians can get the data they need to practice evidence-based medicine. This information will never supplant the clinical decision making of a good clinician. Instead, it will provide a firmer base on which to make better decisions.

I hope you will read and enjoy the POEMs in each issue, and that you will take a moment to give me your feedback (

Jean M. Paternoster

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