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In keeping with U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ policy, several persons mentioned in an article titled “Organized Hate in America,” published in the premier issue of the Civil Rights Journal, were offered an oppor. tunity to respond. Responses received from William L. Pierce and George Burdi follow. The writer of the third reply, Tom Blair, was not mentioned in the article, but since the organization Aryan Nations was, Journal editors decided to print his reply reduced to the length specified for the other responses.

More Bombast Than Facts Found

By William L. Pierce

The article “Organized Hate in America” by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “chief investigator,” Joseph T. Roy, which appeared in the Fall 1995 issue of this journal, is typical of SPLC productions: high on sensationalist bombast and low on facts.

The ill-named SPLC was founded by lawyer and direct-mail expert Morris Seligman Dees to raise money for the ostensible purpose of financing litigation against Politically Incorrect groups and individuals as a way of harassing them. The SPLC’s fund-raising activity has been very successful…. Mr. Dees’ announced goal is $100 million.

Unfortunately, this obsession with raising money colors everything the SPLC does, including the writings of its employees. There is a tendency to exaggerate and sensationalize, because this brings in the shekels from the SPLC’s mailing list.

In the article referred to above Mr. Roy writes in a very loose way about a supposed rise to dominance during the 1990s of “neoNazis” in what he calls the “white supremacist movement.” He names the organization of which I am the chairman, the National Alliance, as one of these leading “neo-Nazi” groups and attributes its gain in influence primarily to aggressive recruiting among “violence-prone neo-Nazi Skinheads.” He pictures a power struggle between “neoNazis” and the Ku Klux Klan, with the Klan losing.

Actually, the National Alliance has never been a part of any “white supremacist movement” and has never focused its recruiting on Skinheads. Probably no more than 1 percent of our members ever have been Skinheads.

The one point on which Mr. Roy is correct is that the Ku Klux Klan and other essentially conservative, Christian organizations with a traditional racial agenda–i.e, organizations which are correctly called “white supremacist”–have declined in influence during the past decade, and white separatist organizations such as the National Alliance, with a radical racial agenda, have become much stronger.

This shift in relative strength from conservative organizations to radical organizations is not the outcome of any power struggle, however: it is the consequence of the worsening of the social, cultural, moral, and racial climate in America, as mukiculturalism and “diversity” continue to take their toll. Perceptive, racially conscious men and women are beginning to see that the time is past when conservatism can hold the line against further decline- They are beginning to understand that a radical solution, which goes to the roots of the problem, is necessary. More and more of them are realizing that if there is to be a future for their children and grandchildren in America–and if their own lives are to have any lasting meaning–then American society must be changed in very fundamental ways, and soon.

These perceptive people are especially common among young professionals–teachers, artists, scientists, engineers–and it is the National Alliance’s success in recruiting them during the past decade which has increased its relative influence. That influence will continue to grow in the future.

Statements Called Inaccurate

By George Burdi

This is my response to inaccurate statements about myself, George Burdi, and the record company Resistance Records. They were made by Joseph T. Roy, Sr., in his article entitled “Organized Hate in America.” The issue of “fairness” toward me will not be dealt with as I feel this concept is of little value nowadays.

The article states that I was the “head of Canada’s Church of the Creator and the Toronto-based Heritage Front.” Both claims are false. I headed the small Toronto chapter of the Church of the Creator, not a country-wide organization. Also, I was only a supporter of the Heritage Front, albeit a highly vocal one. I never received a membership card. However, I am a friend of the real leader of the Heritage Front, Wolfgang Droege. I was always introduced as an associate, never anything more or less.

The writer also asserts that “Resistance Records is far more than a mere rock label” and that “it is a growing skinhead organization that aims to unite young white supremacists in North America under its banner.” Both of these assertions are outright falsehoods. Fall 1997 Resistance Records is indeed only a record label. We are incorporated as such in the State of Michigan and we pay our taxes as such. We are not a political organization of any kind. We do not have members, only customers, just like any other business, The statement implies that we actively recruit youth. Nowhere do we recruit as in politics. In no publication that bears our name have we sought recruits. Such statements serve to undermine our credibility as a business with respectable, lawabiding practices.

Most of the music played by our bands does have strong political messages. We do not believe in censorship of any kind and we stand by our First Amendment rights, We do not endorse any particular political ideology in any official company writings or otherwise Many businesses use profits to support various social causes from saving wildlife and the environment to the United Negro College Fund. Whereas we choose to direct our finances toward securing a future for white people.

I object to the author’s use of the term “white supremacists” Although a media buzzword easily used by those with minds completely devoid of the higher functions, it is usually used out of context. “Supremacy” involves the conquest and rule of others. Nowhere do either myself or any of those associated with Resistance Records demonstrate such views. If anything, “separation” is our motto and proposed solution to any racial or ethnic strife in this world. A thinking mind would use the label “white separatist,” as it is a more fitting and accurate title

To all other would-be journalists, sensationalists, and aspiring hack artists, please pay a little more attention to detail. Thank you.

Article Seen as Example of Hate

By Tom Blair

As a new member of Aryan Nations, I take strong exception to your biased article “Organized Hate in America.” I have never committed a crime (and so long as our freedoms of religion and expression are protected in America ! never will). I am a good neighbor, a good husband, and a good father. I have an Ivy League education, own a home, and I take an active interest in my community. I do not hate anyone; but when I joined Aryan Nations, I discovered that I am hated by some very powerful people in this country. Your article is the clearest example I can find.

The impression one gets about us from your article and the reality I saw at the recent Aryan Nations World Fest are vastly different. There I met hundreds of people young, old, American-born and immigrant, Catholic and Protestant, and a thousand other varieties. There were men, women, and children–families. These are hardworking people who love their communities, their people and our history and who are angry at the on-going destruction of America’s social fabric by the Federal Government.

Religious doctrines such as Zionism, separatism, election, chosenness, and nationhood are widely embraced within American society (and probably by many within the Civil Rights Commission). I claim that your objection to us is not for embracing these doctrines, but for the people in whose name we embrace these doctrines. We in Aryan Nations have the same right to define our people and to be Zionists for our people as Jews do for theirs….

You quote us out of context–for otherwise our quotes would be no different than what one would hear in a synagogue or a mosque in the name of a different people. Richard Butler’s “divine protection to hate” is from the Bible: “(you are) to hate the evil and love the good.” …

It is hypocritical for the Civil Rights Commission to complain about the racial basis for our definition of “nation.” You are all about race. When old-line white conservatives used to say that we should unite as Americans, your organization (and many like it) wanted to talk about “diversity.” You wanted to emphasize our differences–and you wanted to pass laws ensuring that those differences be given legal sanction and cultural recognition. But when we want to talk about diversity, embracing our ethnic nationhood, you want to talk about unity. I am sorry to see America balkanizing itself. I never would have wanted it this way when I was younger. But you people have been pushing hyphenated-Americanism, ethnic separatism, and multiculturalism for decades; not us. We have to live in this society and we have the right to play by the same rules.

I’m sorry that a few alleged members of Aryan Nations committed some crimes a decade ago. But Jews, Catholics, and Episcopalians also commit crimes and you do not smear them all for the actions of a few….

Editor’s note: The Commission is an independent, bipartisan, factfinding agency charged with a variety of functions relating to discrimination or a denial of equal protection of the laws because of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin, or in the administration of justice. Although the Commission respects the right of Tom Blair to his opinion on the policies and practices of the Commission, it expressly rejects the factual inaccuracies contained therein.

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