New joint installations reflect multi-service use

New joint installations reflect multi-service use – Round the Reserve

Nine Air Force Reserve Command installations were redesignated joint bases or stations this summer to reflect the multi-service use of the facilities.

Lt. Gen. James E. Sherrard III, AFRC commander, initiated the change. At his suggestion, the civil engineer at Headquarters AFRC, Robins Air Force Base, Ga., completed a survey of the installations where the command is the host and determined nine locations qualified for joint status. The locations and their designations are:

* Dobbins Joint Air Reserve Base, Ga.;

* Grissom JARB, Ind.;

* Homestead JARB, Fla.;

* March JARB, Calif.;

* Minneapolis-St. Paul Joint Air Reserve Station, Minn.;

* Niagara Falls JARS, N.Y.;

* Pittsburgh JARS, Pa.;

* Westover JARB, Mass.; and

* Youngstown JARS, Ohio.

“The primary change is simply to insert ‘joint’ in the installation title,” said Thomas Hovey, chief of civil engineer operations at HQ AFRC. “No other relationships will change.”

Homestead was a special case, since action was taken to convert it from an air station to an air reserve base with the signing of a supplemental record of decision. This action officially transferred the airfield from Air Combat Command to the Reserve, Hovey said.

One AFRC installation that did not change its designation is Gen. Mitchell International Airport ARS in Milwaukee. The Reserve’s 440th Airlift Wing is the host, and there are no major tenants assigned as part of the installation. Although, the Air National Guard’s 1281h Air Refueling Wing shares the same airfield, it is on a separate installation. (Second Lt. Lance Patterson, AFRC public affairs)

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