Air Force Reserve Vision places emphasis on wingman concept

Air Force Reserve Vision places emphasis on wingman concept

John A. Bradley

As we move into 2006, it is clear that we need to remain adaptable and innovative as we reconcile the significant budget constraints and considerable force structure changes that lie ahead. We are being challenged with tough choices as bases and wings close or reorganize, but I’m confident we will emerge more efficient and capable than ever. A key part of our decision-making strategy is to ensure everyone has a clear vision for the future of the Air Force Reserve.

Our mission in this rapidly changing environment is to provide the world’s best mutual support to the Air Force and our joint partners. To this end, we are introducing the Air Force Reserve Vision with a focus on the wingman concept. You can expect to hear more about the Vision and our future goals after the Senior Leaders Conference this month.

Being a good wingman is not an easy job! We will maintain the highest levels of combat readiness and be prepared to not only maintain good formation but also to take the lead as necessary. We must anticipate evolving requirements and quickly adapt to meet those demands.

The best wingmen look for optimal ways to employ our force and advocate processes and improvements that make everyone more effective. We are diligent and always alert, ready to warn others of impending peril. Great wingmen are never expected to blindly follow or be viewed as the “B-team.” Our role is not to be No. 2 but to be the steadfast wingman, efficiently delivering highly experienced personnel, modern equipment and incomparable combat capability to combatant commanders.

The Vision, along with its documents and associated products, is intended to help everyone in the Air Force Reserve make cohesive decisions that focus our resources on our highest priorities while maintaining the key attributes that ensure our component’s continued success. I ask for your complete support as we work together to build a stronger, more agile Air Force.

As you continue to seek innovative ways to be more effective and responsive wingmen, I am confident our heritage will extend its acclaim as a vital contributor to the Air Force and the defense of this nation.

Thank you for your continued support and for the part you play in making the Air Force Reserve the unrivaled wingman!

Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley Commander, Air Force Reserve Command

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