Air Force logo authorized on jacket

Air Force logo authorized on jacket – Round The Reserve

Air Force Uniform Board members have introduced a new addition to the lightweight blue jacket.

“The Air Force chief of staff approved adding the Air Force logo to the existing lightweight blue jacket,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jacqueline Dean of the Air Force Uniform Board.

A total of 300 jackets with the embroidered logo will be distributed Air Force-wide for wear testing. Airmen receiving the jackets will give feedback to the uniform board about fraying or other problems with the embroidery, Sergeant Dean said.

Anyone not issued an embroidered jacket can have the logo applied on their jacket by a local embroidery shop using certain guidelines.

The Air Force logo is to be embroidered in a polyester white meridian thread with a stiff tear-off backing, according to information provided by Libby Glade, Air Force clothing office chief. The total stitch count of the logo and lettering will be between 4,200 and 5,000 stitches.

The symbol is to fit within a two-inch square. There is a one-fourth inch space between the symbol’s lowest point and the “U.S. AIR FORCE” type. The type is to be one-fourth of an inch high and 3.5 inches long, in all capital Arial font, 24 point.

The symbol is to be embroidered on the upper left chest. The dot in the center of the symbol is centered vertically between the shoulder seam and where the underarm side seam joins the armhole sleeve and centered horizontally between the zipper and the sleeve armhole seam. (Staff Sgt. Melanie Streeter, Air Force Print News)

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