Something about that wall

Something about that wall

SOMETHING ABOUT THAT WALL: In 1996 writer William Zinsser and his spouse met with Duong Tuong Tran, a writer, poet and Vietnam’s most influential art critic. The Vietnam war didn’t come up until Duong Tuong described his visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. He said he had written a poem while at the memorial, and offered to let the Zinssers read it. The Zinssers were moved to tears by the poem, whereupon Duong Tuong signed the poem and gave it to them:

At the Vietnam Wall

because i never knew you

nor did you me

i come

because you left behind mother,

father and betrothed

and i wife and children

i come

because love is stronger than enmity

and can bridge oceans

i come

because you never return

and i do

i come

(From William Zinsser, Writing about Your Life, Marlowe).

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