New system to improve training, raise realism for off crews

Training gets overhaul: new system to improve training, raise realism for off crews

Clyde Smith

In by a world where technology meets today’s work environment, all commands attached to NSB Kings Bay, in partnership with the Department of the Navy Chief Information Office, are working to train submariners in a realistic environment through Knowledge Management. Local commands have embarked on a KM project designed to improve the Pre-deployment Training Cycle systematically bringing together people, processes and technology to facilitate the exchange of operationally relevant information.

The vision is to employ KM to achieve knowledge dominance resulting in a warfighting force empowered with accurate, timely and relevant information, and a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing and organizational learning. This is a process, which is not only being adopted by corporations, but also by the military and schools as a more efficient way of doing business. “Our goal with Knowledge Management is to enable warfighter readiness at all times,” stated Cmdr. Tammy Campbell, chief knowledge officer at Submarine Group 10. “The Warrior Knowledge Pilot program is focused on crew training off the boat while the other crew is deployed.”

“The problem has been, when a ship goes to sea, the crew left behind doesn’t have a platform to train on,” said FTCS(SS) Rob Dahmer, TTF Information Systems leading chief petty officer. “They have not been able to do their job like they normally would on a ship.”

Rear Adm. Gerald Talbot, commander of Submarine Group 10, established three collaboration teams to implement the recommendations of the Warrior Knowledge Core Working Group.

“Our first team goal is to establish 100 percent participation in the EKM [Enterprise Knowledge Management] scheduling environment and develop metrics to measure training effectiveness to meet proficiency,” added Campbell. The second team goal, according to Campbell, is the creation of common standards for training plans, lesson plans and course materials, and the development of yellow pages of subject matter expertise across the base.

The third team goal is to create a centrally located place, “a Super Wal-Mart,” as described by Capt. Lindstrom, commander of Submarine Squadron 20, for training research materials and course materials easily accessed by all commands with required bandwidth for effective utilization.

The program was thought of with the ideal of making the process of the pre-deployment training period more efficient and to share information with others throughout the fleet. “One of the main purposes of this program is to effectively reduce redundancy,” said MTCS(SS) Paul Theisen, Trident Training Facility training liaison officer. “The key is to train all of our Sailors the same way, at the same time and location, rather than having different individuals teaching the same thing at different times and locations. This initiative will give everyone a chance to share their experiences with each other whether good or bad and a chance to learn from each other’s experiences.”

The current initiatives have many benefits, including a comprehensive scheduler. “It will increase visibility because everyone will be able to access schedules for training easily through Enterprise Knowledge Management–a site on the SIPRNET which will be available to the off crews,” added Theisen.

“With this program, we are now able to train our Sailors and keep them at a higher proficiency than before, even though they are not at sea,” said Dahmer. “We are using all of the commands on base to help with this program due to the fact they are all here to support the submarine crews.”

“We are now in the implementation stage of the pilot and should see results of the collaborative teams’ effort within the next six months,” stated Campbell. “You can follow the progress of the Kings Bay KM pilot at the Navy Knowledge Online Web site on the Kings Bay KM page under the SUBLANT Community Page.”

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