Importance of professional development, The

importance of professional development, The

Parsons, Aaron

Professional development is something that every teacher encounters almost on a daily basis. Whether it is going to an after-school meeting, attending the ACEI Annual International Conference, or attending a district discussion, professional development is important. Knowing and believing in what you teach helps make you a powerful educator in the lives of children. Being an active ACEI member gives you an abounding amount of resources that are applicable while you are a student and, more important, when you are in your very own classroom. Within the awardwinning periodical Childhood Education, you will find “Classroom Idea-Sparkers” and other articles that are written by experienced professionals to give you new and exciting topics to discuss and ponder. As your professional development source, ACEI will provide innovative and pioneering resources to help in your career. ACEI continues to be a large contributing factor to my classroom and my beliefs as an educator. I encourage you to continue membership when you leave the halls of your university and move into your very own classroom.

If you have not started thinking about attending the conference in Phoenix, Arizona, this April, I encourage you to do so. Now is the time of year that your local Branch needs to be working towards completing its fundraising activities and setting travel plans in place. If you need any help with ideas on fundraising for Conference, feel free to contact me or ACEI Headquarters.

I am confident that this conference will be excellent. Students will have two different Student Committee-sponsored sessions and two Make-‘n– Take workshops to attend. Along with these sessions designed specifically for students and beginning teachers, there are countless other ways to further your professional development. You can attend numerous sessions and roundtable discussions, meet other professionals, and join a committee. I look forward to seeing each of you there. The Conference is always a great time, and it will be an experience that you will never forget.

ACEI is the perfect organization to help you continue building your framework for teaching and education. I hope that you take advantage of the immense resources and wealth of opportunities that ACEI offers.

-Aaron Parsons;

– Student Listserv

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