National Enquirer story

National Enquirer story – 2001 in Review

Kimiyo Naka

Responding to a National Enquirer story, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. admits he had an extramarital affair and fathered a child with Karin Stanford, a 39-year-old former senior aide in the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s Washington office. Jackson says he will spend some time away from the public arena. “I have asked God … to forgive me,” he says in a press release. The Rev. James T. Meeks, pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago and executive vice president of Rainbow/PUSH, suggests the disclosures were meant to undermine Jackson’s participation in a Florida rally protesting the election of George W. Bush. Three days later, Jackson decides to return to work. “Someone said a saint is just a sinner who got back up again,” Jackson says, according to reports in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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