Handbook of Cathodic Corrosion Protection

Reichard, Hal

Handbook of Cathodic Corrosion Protection

W. Von Baeckman, W. Schwenk, and W. Prinz, Eds.

Gulf Publishing Co., Houston, TX 537 pp., $195, indexed

Sixteen experts, in addition to the three editors, contributed to this volume, an English translation of the third edition. The authors come from both the academic and industrial sectors, and although they are all Germans, they do not restrict themselves to European developments. For example, they comment on the pioneering work of Robert Kuhn, an American, who installed the first cathodic protection rectifier on a long-distance gas pipeline in 1928.

Although the fundamental basis for cathodic protection is over a century old (it was taught to chemistry students as the electrode potential series of metals) and is discussed in a host of books and articles covering special situations, this volume provides very broad treatment of the field.

The history and fundamentals of electrochemical corrosion and protection from it are covered here, along with information on electrodes and electrical generating equipment. Chapters are devoted to the cathodic protection of chemical process equipment, storage tanks, buried cables and pipelines, well casings, steel bars in concrete, boilers, and marine structures. Corrosion induced by neighboring electrical transmission lines, the cost and safety aspects of failures, and the cost/benefit economics of cathodic protection are taken up, as well.

I have not found a sourcebook as comprehensive as this one, which can be used in the classroom and can also serve as a reference for practicing technologists. And, I don’t believe this comprehensive text could be appreciably shortened without making significant, unacceptable sacrifices to its content.

Hal Reichard

H. Reichard is a retired chemical engineer/consultant who lives in South Yarmouth, MA.

Copyright American Institute of Chemical Engineers Jun 1999

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