The cost of college sports

The cost of college sports

Welch Suggs

Winning on the football field and basketball court, and occasionally in the hockey rink or baseball diamond, [have] always been a way for colleges to build goodwill among fans, alumni, state legislators, donors, and present and future students. Colleges have always tolerated recruiting students because of their athletic prowess and, even at the country’s most prestigious institutions, have been willing to bend academic standards to bring in the best players. College sport has become a nakedly commercial enterprise, whether it is to bring in millions of dollars at Miami or Michigan or to attract new students to MacMurray College or Mount Union College.

The tragedy of Title IX’s passage is that female athletes have been sucked into this mess.

–Welch Suggs, in A Place on the Team: The Triumph and Tragedy of Title IX, Princeton University Press, 2005

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