Magazine for Senior Financial Executives: Things you should know about transforming business performance

Things you should know about transforming business performance

The number-one challenge facing executives today is how to predict and drive performance with confidence. And as market and regulatory pressures increase, so does the pressure on you.

That’s leading many executives to evaluate the potential benefits of an enterprise-class planning and performance management system. Before you do, consider just a few important points.

1. YOU CAN’T MANAGE YESTERDAY’S PERFORMANCE. It’s a paradox that hinders business performance at virtually every level: Companies try to manage future performance by looking at past results. At Adaytum, our focus has always been on delivering systems that let you go beyond analysis of past performance to get a better view of tomorrow’s results–and to communicate changing expectations to the people who can effect a change in performance.

2. YOU CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS, JUST NOT ALL AT ONCE. Adaytum won’t promise you the world. What we will do is help you focus on areas where you can deliver immediate value, and then replicate that success elsewhere. This model has proven to greatly improve the chance of long-term success for our customers.


A successful implementation doesn’t have to take months and months. The Adaytum Accelerated Results Methodology can get you up and running in as little as 90 days. Nor should you let another vendor persuade you to wait for a soon-to-be-released “module.” We can put you in touch with satisfied customers who’ve been using our planning and performance management applications for years.

4. THE TECHNOLOGY MATTERS. The best planning and performance management systems derive their strengths–precision and speed–by drawing on the frequent insight and expertise of the front-line employees and managers closest to the operating activities of the business. But to get their input, you need a system that scales to thousands and is easy to use. Servercentric solutions are too slow and create volatile response-time variations, which hinders user adoption. Our solution, ADAYTUM 3, uses intelligent distributed processing, which balances the processing between the server and a Web client, providing a velocity that delights, rather than disappoints end users.

5. “REAL TIME” ISN’T ALWAYS. Some software vendors use the term “real-time” carelessly. Our standard is simple: If you have to wait overnight, or even an hour, for data to consolidate, it’s not real-time. ADAYTUM 3 features true real-time aggregation so you can get an accurate snapshot of your performance any time.

6. PERFORMANCE BEGINS WITH PLANNING. Without meaningful business planning your performance–good or bad–is an accident. At Adaytum, planning has always been at the heart of what we do. The powerful modeling and analysis capabilities of ADAYTUM 3 help you set realistic goals and quickly evaluate scenarios for action as circumstances change.

7. SOME ROI CLAIMS ARE LEGITIMATE. When a vendor talks to you about ROI, you’re right to take it with a grain of salt. We would rather have you talk with IDC, who recently published a paper called “The Financial Impact of Business Analytics.” Their study–which included several Adaytum customers–showed a median ROI of 139% for performance management analytics. ++

For more than 12 years, Adaytum has helped leading companies turn strategic plans into best-in-class performance. Let us show you how we do it. Visit and request the white paper, “Best Practices in Enterprise Performance Planning: Seven Proven Steps to Superior Business Execution.” * 1-866-ADAYTUM

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