Magazine for Senior Financial Executives: Political risk in your supply chain

Political risk in your supply chain

David M. Katz

Whether political perils arise far afield or close to home, the consequences for your supply chain can be catastrophic. Experts in managing political risk believe that planning for contingencies along the entire supply chain can at least mitigate the losses associated with these supply breakdowns. Yet many companies-which have been focused on increasing the benefits of their supply chains rather than on controlling the risks–are unprepared to respond quickly to problems with overseas suppliers. Deputy editor David M. Katz examines common signs of vulnerability-and shows how prudent finance executives can head off trouble. Dave Cook (editor), David M. Katz (deputy editor), Marie Leone (senior editor), Craig Schneider, Lisa Yoon (assistant editors),Jay Rajani (Web producer), Russ Banham, Stephen Taub (contributing editors), Andreas Droste (general manager), Jason Sciarillo (national sales director), Deirdre Daly Markowski (account manager), Ray Manna (director of marketing), Kim Kindya (Webcast producer), David Minkin (business operations manager), Rob Cohen (chief technology officer), Melba Goggins, Vishal Rai, Sharda Ram (Web applications developers), Richard Li (database administrator), Sari Harris (Web designer and technical project manager), Frances Lachowicz (user interface design and quality assurance)

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