Sluggish economy, good political job market – News Feed

Sluggish economy, good political job market – News Feed – Brief Article

Despite high unemployment rates nationally, the market for political jobs is looking bright heading into campaign season. That’s the assessment of a seasoned political job placer, Chris Jones, president of Poli Temps, a legislative, government and political staffing service in Washington, D.C

“This fall is when the electoral action and the pace pick up,” Jones said, adding that hiring will likely begin in earnest shortly for fund-raisers, consultants, campaign workers, press and media aides. “Job seekers should have sharp resumes, good interview skills and be ready to go, go, go at a moment’s notice.”

Campaigns should help ease the employment blues of at least some political junkies.

“We’re still in an economic situation in which there are more applicants than political job openings, but that’s usually reflective of the summer in combination with a weak nationwide unemployment situation.”

One place where the political job market showed dramatic improvement is California, where the recall of Gov. Gray Davis (D) has spawned a virtual cottage industry for political advisers, pollsters, campaign managers and candidates.

The Democratic presidential campaign staff will begin to fill out as they head into the 2004 primary season. “I think that will generate more work in the campaign world,” Jones said.

Many young people who could qualify for junior-level positions on presidential campaigns are still waiting, because the candidates have been trying to keep their costs down.

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