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REFERENCE – political campaing Web sites – Brief Article


LIKE WHAT YOU saw on Pat Buchanan’s presidential site last year? Trying to remember that hilarious Al Gore joke on Forget what looked like?

For those with Election 2000 nostalgia, now there is a way to relive the memories. Like an interactive yearbook, the “Alexa Wayback Machine” is giving surfers and politicos a way to return to most of the Web sites that covered presidential and congressional elections last year.

The site, which was commissioned by the Library of Congress to archive the election year, contains a database containing 907 sites, searchable by date. It has 87 million pages, collected between August 1,2000 and January 14, 2001.

It has archived sites of the presidential candidates, CNN, the national conventions and various political party committees. The site also contains election humor, congressional office info (though no congressional campaign sites) and vote trading locations.

Brewster Kahle, president of Alexa Internet, says his site is revolutionary. “By enabling users to retrieve Web sites out of the past, Alexa’s Wayback Machine technology adds a time dimension to the Internet and creates the first ‘time browser’ for the Web.”

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