PARTY – Brief Article


FINDING themselves on the defensive after the 2000 elections, Democrats are now using the Internet to its full extent to fight the opposition. Hoping to reach disgruntled voters and to solicit donations, the Democratic National Committee has set up several attack sites.

The first of these,, is the most innovative. It features a calendar of the president’s first 100 days, on which surfers can click on any date. Each date has an event or quote critical of the Bush administration, often material from newspaper editorials or news articles.

The site also has a “Bush by the Numbers” section, “Top Ten” lists (Top TenPaybacks to the Energy Industry, Top Ten Worst Assaults oh the Environment, etc.) and a “Packs of 100” section (100 Bush Administration Headlines, 100 Bush Editorials, 100 Special Interest Giveaways, 100 Days of Broken Promises).

The DNC looks at specific issues from their point of view at – which headlines with a large check made out from the American people to “Big Oil” – and, which tells visitors why “President Bush wants to turn Social Security into Social Insecurity”

The most vital part of all of these sites is the “Tell a Friend” button at the top of each of them. These sites were created to entertain and to be forwarded from friend to friend (most likely on a boring afternoon at the office). They will only be effective if they are distributed widely – partisans who find these URLs through the DNC’s main site do not likely need to be convinced to vote Democratic in the future.

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