Movers & Shakers – Brief Article

Rob Allyn

President, Allyn & Company, a Dallas-based Republican media firm

Career Background

For the last 18 years, president of a corporate public relations, advertising, public affairs and political media firm with offices in Dallas, Austin, Phoenix and Mexico City. Published a novel of Texas politics, Front Runner. Since 1991, TV commentator on PBS and Fox News. Before 1983, served as speechwriter to Texas Gov. Bill Clements (R); vice president of a consulting firm specializing in high-level media training; PR executive with Frito-Lay; and legislative assistant to the late U.S. Rep. Jim Collins (R).


B.A. in Government, Georgetown University, 1980; School of Foreign Service, 1977-78; Master of Liberal Arts, SMU, 1985. Married 19 years to Monica Allyn. Two sons: Conor, 15, future political media consultant, and Jake, 10, future professional athlete.

Claim to Fame

“Served last four years as media consultant to President Vicente Fox of Mexico, who led his nation in a peaceful democratic revolution that ended 71 years of one-party rule.”

Best Day

“The days our children were born; the day I met Monica; the day I sold my novel and the day Mexico’s ‘Berlin Wall’ came down.”

Worst Day

“The day my wife’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors said they couldn’t fix it.”

Ten Years From Now

“Heading a global PR, media consulting, advertising and public affairs firm with high-profile clients who let us create ‘Ideas That Change The Way You Think.”‘

Immediate Goals

“Grow our firm into a real presence in business, trade, government and public decision-making throughout the hemisphere. Win a national election for our new client in the Caribbean. Write a book telling how President Fox changed Mexico. Finish building our house. See India, Thailand, South America, New Zealand, South Africa. Get some rest.”

Political Heroes

Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Vicente Fox

Secrets of Success

“Every client is your only client. Your reputation is all you’ve got. Politics is a ream sport. Get up early. Become good at writing, speaking and managing creative people. Learn Spanish.”

Biggest Gripe

“Clients who won’t make up their minds. Co-workers who won’t write things down. Lack of clarity. Waiting, for anything.”


“The first woman president will be a Republican. She’ll be vice president before she becomes president. Republicans will learn to win the Hispanic vote (or lose).”

Best Moment in a Campaign

“July 2,2000 victory rally at Angel of Independence on Mexico City’s Reforma, feeling the earth shake beneath my feet as 100,000 celebrated their freedom.”

Worst Moment in a Campaign

“Last May’s ‘Black Tuesday,’ when Vicente Fox lost his temper in 4 nationally televised encounter, dropped 8 points in the polls.”

David Dixon

Partner, Dixon/Davis Media Group, a Washington, D.C-based Democratic media consulting firm

Career Background

Vice president at Joe Slade White Communications (opened the Washington office); Political director, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; Founded the Dixon Media Group, (now the Dixon/Davis Media Group).


Born Nashville, Tennessee; B.A. in History, University of New Hampshire; Resides in Bethesda, Md. with wife Monica.

Claim to Fame

“Winning my share of Charlie Cook’s ‘toss-up’ campaigns.”

Ten Years From Now

“Maybe in 15 years – teaching history in a small college town (…with an occasional campaign on the side).”

Immediate Goals

“Help Democrats win the House and keep the Senate in 2002.”

Political Heroes

James Madison, Al Lowenstein, Vie Fazio.

Secrets of Success

“Attention to clients, attention to detail and attention to research. And when it comes to making ads: less is more.”

Biggest Gripe

“Restaurants that put raisins in their entrees.”


“The proposed campaign finance laws will dramatically reduce the candidate’s ability to communicate and control their own campaigns. The largest special interest groups will actually gain more power and influence. And, after two or three election cycles, the campaign finance laws will be re-written.”

Favorite Books

Fear and Loathing: On the campaign Trail ’72 by 1-Tunter S. Thompson (it piqued my interest in political campaigns); Personal History by Katharine Graham.

Favorite Movies

“Goodfellas,” “The Grateful Dead Movie” (1976), “Saving Private Ryan.”

Best Moment in a Campaign “The one that should matter most — winning.”

If I Were President for a Day

1) “Commit the federal government to quality early childhood education for every child in America.” 2) “Instruct every state to plant 500,000 trees per year.”

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