Melissa Sabatine – Movers & Shakers

Melissa Sabatine – Movers & Shakers – Biography

Vice president, Washington, D. C, office of BrabenderCox, a Republican media firm.

Career Background

Writing direct mail for political organizations and think tanks; press secretary, U.S. Rep. Bob Walker (R-Pa.); communications director; House Committee on Science; managed public relations for high-tech trade association; communications director, U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum; deputy staff director; Senate Republican Conference; deputy director, Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry.


Native of Lancaster, Pa. B.A. from Duquesne University. “Living the hip, urban bachelorette life in Washington, D.C.”

Claim to Fame

“Running and mobilizing the Republican Communications Association (organization of GOP House press secretaries) during the Contract With America and helping one of the most vulnerable senators in 2000 election cycle win re-election.”

Best Day

“When my godson, William, was born.”

Worst Day

“Standing on a smoke-filled street corner in Crystal City, Va., on Sept. 11, 2001, right after the Pentagon was hit, wondering if I’d ever see my family again.”

In 10 Years

“Writing the great American novel.”

Immediate Goals

“In my personal life, I would like to learn how to play golf and speak French and Italian. On the career level, build on the success of BrabenderCox and help grow it to new heights.”

Political Heroes

Ronald Reagan, Susan B. Anthony and former U.S. Rep. Bob Walker.

Secrets of Success

“‘Don’t Forget the Extra Banana.’ My grandparents owned a fruit stand in Lancaster; Pa. They gave every customer a free banana with their purchase. I learned success means putting a little something extra in every effort.”

Biggest Gripe

“Drivers who do not use their turn signals, children who misbehave in church; and people who are impatient with senior citizens.”


“President Bush will win Pennsylvania in 2004. The Chinese will land on the moon within the next 10 years. The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl next year.”

Favorite Books

A Simple Path, Mother Teresa; Churchill: A Biography, Roy Jenkins; Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

Favorite Movies

“Roman Holiday,” “Christmas Vacation” and “Braveheart.”

Best Moment in a Campaign

“Election night 1994 when the Republicans took control of Congress.”

Worst Moment in a Campaign

“Cleaning out a candidate’s RV in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart very late one night after the toilet had overflowed.”

If I Were President for a Day

“Ban partial birth abortions. Create a national aerospace policy. Push Congress to pass a bill to provide low-income Americans the opportunity to accumulate wealth through Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).”

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