ADVOCACY – Brief Article

ADVOCACY – Brief Article


WHEN VISITORS arrive at the National Abortion Rights and Reproductive Action League (NARAL) Web site, a woman stares them right in the face. With this opening image, NARAL conveys its intended message very clearly — to protect the reproductive rights of women. Though many women (or men) would not agree with the group’s agenda, the woman on the page is friendly and welcoming, giving surfers a warm first impression.

More importantly, the site gives visitors the information they need to make an informed vote about abortion rights. The “access voting records” section at the top of the home page provides detailed charts of key abortion rights votes in Congress and gives each current legislator a voting score. Most issue advocacy organizations compile this kind of voting in formation, but few make it so easily accessible on their Web sites.

The “Elections: Choice 2000” section de tails the presidential candidates’ voting records and campaign platforms even more extensively.

In addition, the “What’s New” and “Reproductive Choice Issues” sections chronicle the ongoing political debate over abortion. The site offers congressional candidate addresses, phone numbers and URLs.

The group also makes it easier for interested surfers to get involved with a “ten minute activist” section on the home page.

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