AAPC Pollie Conference, A Big Win!

AAPC Pollie Conference, A Big Win! – Brief Article

Donna Lucas

If you were in Las Vegas on March 22-24 and couldn’t find an empty seat at the black jack table, that’s because more than two hundred political consultants, journalists, and guest speakers converged for the Third Annual AAPC Public Affairs Pollie Awards Conference. At the conference, more than 80 Pollie Awards were presented to the best within the public affair world. Pollie winners include: Public Affairs Team of the Year, Goddard Claussen Porter Novelli; Most Valuable Player, Frank Schubert of Goddard Claussen Porter Novelli; Rookie of the Year, Brandon Castillo of Burston Marsteller; Overall Free Media Campaign, NCG Porter Novelli; National Public Affairs Campaign, Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns & Associates; State Public Affairs Campaign, McNally Temple and Associates; Regional Public Affairs Campaign, North Woods Advertising; just to name a few.

Our panels were so impressive that Bill Schneider of CNN and Mark Halperin of ABC taped the Pollie Awards and panels. Guest speakers included An Fleischer of the Bush Campaign, Anita Dunn of Bradley 2000, and Dan Schnur of McCain 2000. Once again, the AAPC hosted an educational and exciting conference unlike any other.

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