Webline provides Web collaboration tools

Webline provides Web collaboration tools

As the online consumer population continues to grow at an astonishing rate, so too, do the expectations they have for better ways to communicate with the companies they do business with: They are looking to have the one-on-one personal exchanges they would experience by walking into a store. To provide e-commerce companies with the ability to provide such exchanges, WebLine has introduced the WebLine Collaboration Server, which is an enterprise- and service-provider-class application designed to enable representatives in sales and service contact centers to engage in real-time, Web-based collaboration while conducting a conversation via chat, telephone or voice over IP. When combined with the WebLine Media Blender integration framework, it provides integration with an organization’s existing telephony and e-commerce infrastructure.

Version 3.0 adds several key enhancements to the WebLine Collaboration Server. These include: application sharing, which enables interactive e-commerce by allowing both the caller and the agent to collaborate on any Windows application running on either party’s desktop; new caller collaboration technology, which allows two callers located anywhere around the world to jointly collaborate without the intervention of an agent; and collaborative white boarding, which enables users to create a white board image on which both the caller and agent can draw.

With version 3.0, WebLine introduces WebLine Development Kit, a software development kit for creating interactive ecommerce applications. WebLine’s customers, partners and systems integrators use these APIs and documentation to build multiuser collaborative applications. These applications can then take advantage of WebLine’s secure, firewallfriendly communications infrastructure.

WebLine’s features include two-way page and application sharing, split screen comparisons, “Follow-Me-Browsing” for collaborative Web browsing, FormShare for sharing standard Web-based forms, FrameShare for sharing framed Web pages, text chat, file download, conferencing (one-to-many, many-to-many) and CyberSeminar mode for large online conferences with hundreds of participants.

WebLine has also introduced eMail Manager, designed for managing high volumes of customer inquiries submitted to company mailboxes or to a Web site. Based on customizable business rules, WebLine eMail Manager processes and tracks incoming messages, directs them to the right agent or support team, suggests relevant response templates and can send automated acknowledgements or more qualitative replies. A full-feature browser-based interface provides agents with productivity tools to claim and read messages, view correspondence history, search the response libraries and collaborate on replies for more efficient, knowledgeable and personalized response.

Among the key features of WebLine eMail Manager are: modular enterprise configurations, which allow for a distributed system of rules, where a central rules server transfers inquiries to a hierarchy of subsequent rules servers for more detailed processing and allowing for administrative tasks to be distributed within the various departments; graphical business rules, which allow business administrators to create and manage a sophisticated set of business rules for managing a large volume of free-form e-mail, structured forms and other media; productivity tools, which give managers the opportunity to determine the most efficient way for system users to read and respond to messages, whether they are full-time support agents, infrequent responders or external partners; multiple user interface options including a full-featured, thin client interface, which provides access to knowledge base resources and efficiency tools; a MailWrap feature, which tracks e-mail messages that are sent by the system to users of familiar, traditional e-mail applications; and management tools, which allow contact center managers and supervisors to monitor message queues to ensure service level goals are being met.

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