CRM System, HP front office, from Hewlett-Packard

CRM System, HP front office, from Hewlett-Packard

The integration of Web-based commerce with that of the traditional call center can be both fruitful and frustrating. If customers cannot contact agents or find the information they need through self-service applications, they are likely to click to another company that can provide what they need. Also, integrating disparate systems from various vendors can cause IT nightmares. Plus, to keep customers coming back, companies need to integrate the sales, marketing and support functions into a coherent, workable whole. To help companies fill this need, Hewlett-Packard has released HP Front Office, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides pre-integrated, Internet-based marketing, sales and support solutions that are tied to the call center. HP Front Office enables companies to provide consistent, comprehensive CRM through a customer’s preferred communication channel – in person, telephone, fax, Internet or e-mail.

HP has formed alliances with Rubric for the e-marketing application and with BroadVision for the e-sales application. E-marketing is an Internet-based, closedloop application that integrates all marketing activities, from conventional and Internet campaigns to customer inquiries, sales/campaign reporting and metrics. The e– marketing application can automatically generate personal Web pages, e-mail, faxes, Web-based telemarketing scripts and direct mail. It also can capture and measure marketing campaign responses across all channels in real-time.

The e-sales application offers shopping-cart and transaction functionality, as well as the opportunity to talk with a call center agent. The shopping cart remembers selections from visit to visit and the personalization engine can respond to shoppers’ behavior by changing products, prices, promotions and other content to better meet their needs.

HP Front Office e-support offers customers help through an intelligent, Web-based “virtual agent,” which responds to customer Web inquiries and e-mail with interactive dialog that asks pertinent questions to provide the customers with targeted content to help them find the answers they need. Customers also have the option to speak personally with an agent by clicking on a “call me” button. All of the customer’s inquiries and responses, and other pertinent information, appear instantly on the agent’s desktop.

HP Front Office uses HP’s customer communications solution, HP Smart Contact, to provide control of customer communications across the enterprise. HP Front Office can be deployed as an owned or hosted solution.

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