Call center time-management system

Call center time-management system

Given that 60 to 70 percent of a call center’s costs are for personnel, finding a good system to keep an accurate accounting of how they spend their time on the job is obviously a priority with call center managers. To address this need, Predictive Plus has developed CenterWatch, a time-management system designed exclusively for the teleservices industry to effectively track employee time and attendance, manage employee schedules and activities, and accurately provide data for payroll administration. CenterWatch was designed to provide a complete end-to-end time management solution by building a dynamic link between a call center’s predictive dialing system and internal or third-party payroll, human resource management and financial reporting systems. The system can cut labor costs by reducing the amount of dollars paid to employees for nonproductive time; generate revenue by increasing the percentage of paid time to billable hours; increase productivity by eliminating manual time tracking and payroll data entry; and provide comprehensive reports to aid in scheduling, labor cost tracking, facilities management, human resources and management decision making. It allows for payroll to be produced in less time and with greater accuracy, reducing errors, fraud and “phantom” telephone service representatives (TSRs).

Using the call center’s predictive dialing system as the basis for data collection and time tracking, CenterWatch provides an accurate way to record, manage and control all TSR and staff activities including calling time, training time, break time and down time. CenterWatch provides a comprehensive set of reports, from time and attendance reports to payroll, facilities and management reports. The system produces daily attendance rosters with information on each TSR as well as cumulative data on the entire day, ratio reports detailing the relationship of supervisor to TSRs and billable to nonbillable hours, and variance reports such as actual hours worked versus scheduled time, or start time versus clock-in time. In addition, CenterWatch provides a variety of critical management reports to provide a better understanding of how and where time is spent. As a result, bottomline decisions can be made quickly regarding scheduling and staffing, employee management, payroll and incentive plans, operating profitability, billing policies and more.

The CenterWatch System is comprised of three software packages that can be used together to create a comprehensive solution, or individually to meet a call center’s specific requirements. TimeTracker, the time and attendance module, eliminates manual timekeeping, timeclocks, punch cards and timesheets. It automatically tracks all activities within a TSR workday and provides supervisors with real-time access to the current activity of each TSR. It captures and records the time and duration of each activity and provides detailed information on downtime and training. The employee scheduling package, StaffWorks, creates daily attendance rosters and can generate schedules and reports within minutes based on historical or real-time data. It allows for staff adjustments to be made immediately based on current resource availability and campaign results.

PayLink is CenterWatch’s integrated payroll administration software. Working in conjunction with the time and attendance data, PayLink interfaces to ADP for payroll production, thereby significantly reducing the number of payroll personnel needed to accomplish the task. The system can also be customized to work with any internal or third-party payroll package. PayLink calculates hours worked by any variable and can be set up to handle many different types of premium and incentive pay programs. In addition, it accounts for payroll entry of nonwork data such as vacation, jury time and sick leave.

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