Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc.: PrimeTime family

Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc.: PrimeTime family

Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc. PrimeTime family

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A large percentage of the issues that must be addressed in a contact center involve workforce management, which involves the harrowing task of properly coordinating contact center agents’ schedules, adding information on where they work and who their supervisors are, and keeping track of the breaks, sick days and personal days of each employee. All these responsibilities must be handled before addressing more important issues such as setting goals and forecasts for each agent. Since employee turnover rates are often extremely high, a complete, user– friendly-system must be in place so all of these tasks can become manageable. Blue Pumpkin’s PrimeTime family of workforce management software products aids an organization so its contact center can run more efficiently.

TMC(TM) Labs has had several opportunities to examine the features of the PrimeTime family of products. We are familiar with PrimeTime Enterprise, which uses an intuitive interface to meet customer service goals by including forecasting and scheduling analysis with understandable graphs and intelligent reports. The software also supports most popular ACDs, an extensive employee database and a flexible set of work rules. Real-time adherence is an add-on option that helps evaluate how well service goals are being met through the use of realtime data from an ACD. PrimeTime Skills links the skills of the contact center’s agents to the ACD queues to allow the call to be routed to the right agent. PrimeTime Insight allows agents to instantly gain access to vital schedule information from remote locations via the Web.

With all of this functionality, and many other capabilities the PrimeTime family offers, Blue Pumpkin has repeatedly produced resourceful workforce management tools with all of its products and keeps abreast of the current needs of contact centers.

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