President’s message

President’s message – Northern

Bob Lapic

I take this opportunity to thank all of you. You’ve made my year as your president an honor and a pleasure.

I don’t have enough space to tell you what Barbara Mikel means to this association. She helps in every facet of our organization, and has been there for me at every turn. It has been a pleasure to work with someone with such integrity and professionalism.

Because P.J. Spellman, Andy Slack and Jim Irvine will not be on the board next year, I want you all to know that these men worked tirelessly to produce great meetings throughout the year. They will definitely be missed, but the standards they set for us this year will continue to improve our association in the future.

Thank you Jeff Shafer, Pat Finlen, Vince Keats, Mike Hill, Terry Grasso and Greg Fernald for your guidance, patience, and commitment throughout the year. Our association is stronger by your efforts.

Emmy Moore-Minister, Tricia Hill and Ken Williams are the people responsible for our much-improved newsletter and image to the industry. We look good because of the light your talent shines on all of us. Thank you.

The long-range planning and attention to environmental issues by Jim Husting, George Steffes, Gary Carls and Bob Costa is one of the most important works in progress that will keep our association, community and industry healthy. Thanks for doing the tough behind-the-scenes work.

Finally, to all those who hosted and sponsored an event this year, I will always appreciate what you have done.

I am forever in your debt. I gained much more than I gave. I encourage every one of you to seek the same experience.

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