Monument herbicide now registered for use in California

Monument herbicide now registered for use in California

Monument herbicide from Syngenta Professional Products is now registered for post-emergence weed control use in commercial turf markets in California, including golf courses, sod farms and commercial property management. The active ingredient in Monument, trifloxy-sulfuron sodium, provides excellent control of sedges and green kyllinga in certain warm-season turfgrass species, including Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass.

“With the addition of Monument to the Syngenta Professional Products line-up, turfgrass managers in California and other states now have a solution for excellent sedge control and overseeding management in the transition zone,” said Dean Mosdell, technical field manager, Syngenta Professional Products.

A sulfonylurea herbicide, Monument demonstrates control of key weeds including purple and yellow nutsedge, annual sedges, oxalis, green kyllinga and various other weeds in warm season turfgrasses. With low use rates, a repeat application in four to six weeks may be necessary for control of certain weeds.

In overseeded Bermudagrass, Monument can be used to remove Poa trivialis and/or perennial ryegrass for enhanced spring transition. Cool-season turfgrasses are very sensitive to Monument, therefore lower use rates will promote a more gradual removal of the over-seeded turf species.

Monument is available in a 75WG formulation. Members of GreenPartners, the flexible loyalty program that rewards customers for their Syngenta turf and ornamental product purchases, will receive points for Monument purchases. To learn more about the GreenPartners program, call the GreenPartners information line at 1-877-375-0824, visit, or contact your local Syngenta turf sales representative.

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