Central chapter highs and lows

Central chapter highs and lows – Central

Irene Cline

Michael J. Scott, CGCS, Cypress Ridge Golf Course, and central chapter secretary/treasurer, earned an environmental management specialist certificate from GCSAA for completing specialization programs in Habitat Development and Management, Storage, Disposal and Recycling, Golf Course Development, Integrated Pest Management, and Water Quality and Application.

This was quite a year for members of the central chapter. In the Central Valley, extreme heat, coupled with high humidity, led to severe disease pressure, difficulties with irrigation and an abundance of weeds. The coastal courses, however, seemed to have one of their better years with clear skies and moderate temperatures. What a difference a year makes.

Bob Schneiderhan, Chalk Mountain Golf Course, had a July to forget. On July 4, arsons burned down one of the course’s restrooms. The building had ties to the electrical systems, which helped power Bob’s sprinkler system. Everything’s back on track, and Chalk hardly missed a beat.

Steve Scarbrough, Bakersfield Country Club, is in the middle of building a new set of gold tees for the club. Steve reports that this should be a nice addition and help encourage more and faster play.

New Members

Greg Fukumitsu Class E

Syngenta T & O

Mark Ringkob Class E

Dow AgroSciences

Meeting Schedule

Nov. 17

The Links Course Callaway Series Education “How to Deal with Jerks” Pat Schwab, PhD

Dec. 6

Annual Christmas Party Sea Pines Resort Host Superintendent: Mike Goldsberry

Feb. 9-14, 2004

GCSAA International Golf Course Conference and Show San Diego

May 2004

Annual State Meeting Host: Southern California Chapter

June 2004

Al Glaze Scholarship Tournament Riverbend Golf Course Host Superintendent: Mike Stieler

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