Curtis Bruton

Donations, sponsorships, donations, sponsor ships…How many times a year do we, the affiliates, hear this from the Hi-Lo Desert Golf Course Superintendents Association?

Well, Danielle and I want to make the soliciting go away. We have been tossing ideas around and looking at developing sponsorship packages for the affiliates that support the Hi-Lo Association. As many of you know, the San Diego and the Southern California associations already offer various levels of annual sponsorship packages. These packages resemble a shopping list, which allow the vendors to pick and choose how they want to spend their advertising/marketing dollars. Each package covers the entire year, which eliminates the associations from continuously soliciting the vendors for donations. Not everything is covered but a major portion is. With that said, I am asking for the affiliates to give Danielle and I input on how we could structure these packages to best suit their needs. From now until May 21st, we will take suggestions from vendors and compile a list of ideas. We will then take this list and structure sponsorship options, which will hopefully satisfy everyone’s needs. Although the packages wouldn’t take effect until next year, it is important that we begin developing them as soon as possible. If for some reason you are opposed to these packages, we would also like to hear from you. So please contact Danielle at 760-360-5464 or me at 760-347-4116. We value your input and want to make sure that this is beneficial to those that support the association.

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