Stupid White Men. . – Reviews

Stupid White Men. . – Reviews – book review

Roberta Lexier

Stupid White Men (and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!) by Michael Moore HarperCollins Publishers New York, NY, 2002

Stupid White Men is a refreshingly critical look at the current state of affairs in the United States. Moore examines topics ranging from the environment to the education system, from the corporatization of the United States to the illegal occupation of the White House by an unelectect George W. Bush. This book offers an honest and critical examination of the problems facing, and caused by, the American Empire.

The fact that the publishers of this book first tried to stop its publication and then attempted to force Moore to change much of his open and harsh criticism of George W. Bush shows how close to home this book actually hits and the importance of its message. Moore, in his usual manner, refused to change anything in the book, and a campaign initiated by a librarian forced its publication. Not surprisingly, the popular appeal of the book launched it to the top spot on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Stupid White Men is a fast and easy read, accessible to those with little knowledge of current events. Though sometimes a little too preachy and in some cases a little flippant, this book provides excellent information in a humorous and entertaining way. Throughout the book are “clip ‘n’ carry” informational boxes on a variety of topics from the leaders of the 50 largest countries in the world to tips on how to survive global warming.

Aside from offering criticism, Moore also presents possible solutions to many of the problems faced by his country. He emphasizes the importance of education and an active citizenry. He openly promotes the Green Party and urges Americans to “face our fears and stop behaving like our goal in life is to merely survive. ‘Surviving’ is for wimps and game show contestants stranded in the jungle or on a desert island. You are not stranded. You own the store. The bad guys are just a bunch of silly, stupid white men. And there’s a helluva lot more of us than there are of them. Use your power. You deserve better.”

Stupid White Men is a critical examination of the problems affecting our neighbour to the south. Since the United States yields incredible influence in the world, this book is useful for all citizens of this place we call Earth.

This book will make you laugh out loud while increasing your knowledge and therefore your power. It is a refreshing and powerful “manifesto” which may help the average citizen begin to look critically at the world and find ways to make something better for us all.

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