Princeton review updates college prep web site – New York

Princeton review updates college prep web site – New York – Brief Article

Ronald Roach

In an effort to assist high school guidance counselors in managing multiple responsibilities, the Princeton Review has launched its Counselor Center for the 2001-2002 school year at .

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, the average ratio of students to counselors is 500-to-1. In California, the average caseload is 1000-to-1.

Given the shortage of counselors and the complicated college application process, Review. com’s free online tools are expected to streamline the logistics of the college application process to give counselors more time to work with students. By using the Web site, counselors can get a snapshot of a student’s data in an instant, viewing classes, GPA and SAT scores, target colleges, projected majors and progress through the application process. To track students, a counselor only has to ask the student for permission to access the online folder.

Counselors will be able to generate reports about the class at large or on individual students for administration, colleges or student meetings. Counselors also can download the counselor portion of the applications and use the information to contact colleges on behalf of students. More than half a million students visit Review. com each month to take advantage of the free tools and information about college and graduate school, careers and financial options.

Review. com offers search engines for schools that fit the student’ criteria, online college applications, and evaluations of the student’s potential for acceptance. A careers quiz helps students define their areas of professional interest. It also provides links to information about jobs and working conditions, points to the majors and areas of study needed for that career, and provides a list of schools specializing in those majors. A financial center lists options for paying for college through scholarships and loans as well as information about credit, banking and insurance.

The Princeton Review offers classroom and online test preparation courses, tutoring and college counseling, and operates educational Web sites.

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