Howard Official: Computer Problems Are Minor

Howard Official: Computer Problems Are Minor

Antoine M. Garibaldi

Dear Editor:

Michele N-K Collison’s March 30 article, “Howard bugs typify challenge of updating technology,” was a gross misrepresentation.

In addition to being factually inaccurate, Ms. Collison based much of her article on an unsubstantiated local story, although I had stated emphatically that it was “… wrong both in context and in the particulars.”

Even more, your article did not clearly reflect detailed information included in the University’s media statement.

Given that Ms. Collison quoted me as saying the story was “… wrong both in context and in the particulars,” I am concerned that a writer would recapitulate a story that was filled with assertions and speculation without attempting to contact a primary source for a factual response.

Howard University experienced no Y2K problems in January. Our computers are in order and working. The few minor transitional issues we encountered, like those experienced by most universities transitioning to a new student database software system, have been resolved. While only some of your readers will see this correction, it is my hope that future reporting on issues of this kind will be based on factual information rather than unsubstantiated secondary sources.


Dr. Antoine M. Garibaldi Provost and Chief Academic Officer Howard University Washington, D. C.

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