Cybercitizen awareness program targets college students

Cybercitizen awareness program targets college students

Ronald Roach


The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has launched Define the Line” , an awareness program designed to educate students about the importance of being good cybercitizens and respecting the intellectual property of copyrighted works online. The program also encourages students to use only legal software and to understand the impact of software theft.

Digital piracy is a growing challenge at higher education institutions and the “Define the Line” program provides tools and resources, including fact sheets, research and other information that emphasizes the importance of using software legally.

“We believe that colleges and universities, in their mission to objectively serve their students, will find ‘Define the Line’ to be a valuable educational resource in raising awareness among students about the importance of being good cybercitizens,” says Diane Smiroldo, BSA vice president, public affairs. “Faculty, administrators and students are realizing the seriousness of illegal downloading and file sharing on university campuses. There are potential legal liabilities and technology downsides that simply aren’t worth the risk.”

Among other findings, nearly two-thirds of students say they would potentially download pirated software. The report, also available online, will serve as a benchmark for new survey results.

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