Arthur Ashe Jr. SPORTS SCHOLARS 2001

Arthur Ashe Jr. SPORTS SCHOLARS 2001


Black Issues In Higher Education in 1992 established the Sports Scholars Award to honor undergraduate students of color who exemplify the standards Set by tennis great Arthur Ashe Jr. A scholar and athlete, Ashe sought to expand opportunities for young people. Each year we invite every postsecondary institution in the country to participate in this awards program by nominating their outstanding sports scholars. In addition to their athletic ability, students named Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars must exhibit academic excellence as well as community activism.

To be included, students have to compete in an intercollegiate sport; maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2; and be active on their campuses or in their communities. On the following pages are many student-athletes who are on top of their game. Two of these scholar-athletes — soccer player Danielle Slaton of Santa Clara University and Langston University quarterback Archie D. Craft II were selected as Sports Scholars of the Year for best exemplifying the standards of scholarship, athleticism and humanitarianism.

Black Issues In Higher Education salutes Danielle and Archie and all of the 2001 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars. The other honorees are listed alphabetically and within teams on the following pages.


Reaching Goals On And Off the Field

Santa Clara soccer star shines in academics, athletics and community service



People around Santa Clara University know Danielle Slaton as a fierce competitor who won a spot on the U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team last year. She is the kind of player who never gives out or lets up. And in the classroom, professors see that same intense focus. Despite all her traveling for soccer games, Slaton maintains a strong A average.

But with so many achievements early in life, Slaton has already learned a valuable lesson that many young stars never do — it’s all about balance.

“I’d go crazy if I didn’t. Balance is the key,” says Slaton, 20. “My friends help me keep my perspective on life.”

Slaton was raised in San Jose, Calif., the oldest daughter of high school teachers. Her father, Frank Slaton, teaches physical education and is a high school track coach. Her mother, Sandy, teaches middle school. Her parents got Slaton started in soccer at the age of 5 — she was the only girl on the team.

Through her school years she stuck with soccer.

“I come from a big track family,” she says. “My father had run track, my sister ran track. But I always loved soccer,” says Slaton. “I liked the creativity of it. It’s not like basketball, which has so many more rules.”

She played in YMCA and city recreation department leagues, eventually ending up on girl teams.

“I had good teachers. They made it fun,” she recalls. The sport became more serious for Slaton at age 12, when she enrolled in an Olympic development program.

High school offers a bevy of extracurricular activities for teen-agers. And because of social activities, many lose interest in a favorite sport or activity. But Slaton had no intention of letting soccer go.

“Soccer has always been fun for me. It takes a lot of time and there are sacrifices. But it’s worth it. There would be a real void if I wasn’t doing it,” she says.

At Presentation High School in San Jose, Slaton was captain of the girls’ soccer team, and helped lead her team to a regional championship. As student body president, she was also a leader off the athletic field.

Slaton’s soccer prowess, academic achievement and school leadership netted her an athletic scholarship to Santa Clara University, which has long boasted a nationally acclaimed soccer program. Santa Clara has been in the Top 10 of women’s Division I soccer for the last 12 years. For the last seven years, the women’s team has made it to the Final Four.

By all accounts, Santa Clara has been a good fit for Slaton. Jerry Smith serves as head coach of the women’s program. Assisting him is his wife, Brandi Chastain, one of the stars of the 2000 World Cup championship U.S. team.

Another assistant coach, Rich Manning, recalls seeing Slaton play years ago when he was a youth soccer coach in Southern California. What struck him then, as now, is Slaton’s competitive nature.

“She will do anything not to lose a game. She’ll always go the extra mile,” he says. But he is just as impressed with Slaton’s strength of character.

She has made time for volunteer work, such as the Eastside Project, tutoring English to Sierra Leone and Vietnamese refugees. She helped out with the Read to Succeed Project, sponsored by the university’s athletic department. Slaton and other volunteers helped disadvantaged children with their homework. She also has participated in Nike “Yes” Clinics, teaching soccer skills to underprivileged children in the community.

At Santa Clara, Slaton is majoring in psychobiology, the study of mental functioning and behavior in relation to other biological processes.

As for soccer, Slaton just gets better and better. She plays left fullback and has been named All-American by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America each year she has been in college. Last year she was among five finalists for the Herman Award, which is the Heisman Trophy award of women’s soccer. She has been All-West Coast Conference for three years.

Her coaches say one of her most notable achievements is being elected captain of the team the past two years, including her sophomore year. Also on the team that year were six seniors, five of whom now play in the new Women’s United Soccer Association.

“Danielle is very poised and mature beyond her years,” says Manning. “She handles all situations in a straightforward way.”

Manning can’t help but chuckle when he thinks of some of the team-building exercises at Santa Clara, the traditional climbing and falling from a certain height to be caught by teammates.

“Some of the scaredy-cats sprint right to Danielle to be on her team because they know she’ll handle it,” says Manning.

Perhaps her most distinguished honor was being among 28 women asked to try out for the U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team last year in Sydney, Australia. Slaton left school for a couple months to train in San Diego alongside Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain and other established players.

“It was hard, but rewarding,” recalls Slaton. “You go through self-doubt but you have to believe you’re going to make it. I always believed I could, though I didn’t know I would. There were days, weeks that I straggled.”

Of the 28 women, 18 were selected for the U.S. Olympic team. Slaton was the only college student to make the team.

“It took me a few days to believe it,” she says. But reality sank in on the plane to Sydney. The opening ceremonies with the lighting of the torch gave Slaton goose bumps. There was a feeling of camaraderie with the athletes of other nations.

“Even if you didn’t speak their language, a smile says a million things,” says Slaton.

The U.S. women’s soccer team first beat Norway 2-0, then tied a game with China 1-1.

“That game had a lot of tension because of the World Cup final with China. Most of the same players from the World Cup were still there,” she recalls.

The U.S. team went on to beat Nigeria 3-1 and Brazil 1-0. Ultimately they lost to Norway 3-2 in overtime.

Though Slaton didn’t get a chance to play, she learned much from the experience and packed away indelible memories.

After the long flight back to California, Slaton dashed off the plane — jet lag and all — and rushed to Santa Clam’s game against Wake Forest University.

“It was the middle of the first half and we were losing. Danielle went in and things turned around. We won the game,” recalls Manning. Last year Santa Clara advanced to the national quarterfinals, losing in overtime to top seed Notre Dame.

Manning thinks Slaton will be one of the first drafted by the Women’s United Soccer Association.

“I’d like her to get into it. She would be a great role model,” Manning says. “In the soccer community there are not that many African American role models. She’s proud of her heritage. Here’s someone who’s bright and an excellent player. She brings competitiveness, but there’s not a selfish bone in her body.”

Slaton says she would like to eventually pursue a career in psychobiology, but right now her first choice is soccer.

“I would love to play soccer as long as my body is able. And I would love to make another Olympic team,” says Slaton.

DANIELLE SLATON 2001 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Of the Year

University: Santa Clara University

Year: Junior

Major: Psychobiology

Cumulative GPA: 3.7

Fall ’00 GPA: 3.6

Sport: Soccer

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Slaton’s School Of Choice


President: Paul L. Locatelli

Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

Founded: 1851 by the Society of Jesus as Santa Clara College

Mascot: Broncos

Undergraduate enrollment (September 2000): 4,308

Graduate Enrollment (September 2000): 3,048

Faculty (Fall 2000): Full-time: 420

Staff(Fall 2000): Full-time: 694

Athletics: NCAA Division I, 17 intercollegiate sports, West Coast Conference

Notable Alumni:

* Brandi Chastain, ’91, professional soccer player and SCU assistant coach

* Jack Kuehler, ’54, former president of IBM

* Dee Dee Myers, ’83, former presidential press secretary (Clinton administration), columnist for Vanity Fair

* Steve Nash, ’97, professional basketball player, Dallas Mavericks

* Leon Panetta, ’60, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, former eight-term U.S. congressman from California



Turning Stature Into Success

Langston quarterback doesn’t let size prevent him from making big strides



Langston University’s sports information director James Hilliard says the school’s starting quarterback and Student Government Association president is “not a big guy.” But, he says, Archie D. Craft II’s on-the-field leadership skills more than make up for his size. “When he was in the game, it made all the difference. The team knew his leadership skills would carry them through.”

Making a difference is what Craft is all about. And according to those who know him, he has done just that in his many leadership roles at Oklahoma’s only historically Black institution.

As Langston’s starting quarterback for the last three years, he helped the school stay above the 500 winning percentage. And this school year, as SGA president he brought experts, students, faculty and administration together for a conference on HIV/AIDS.

Craft’s outstanding leadership skills have impressed many on Langston’s campus. His style is described as low-key and responsive.

“He is very understanding and receptive to the students’ needs. He is dedicated to trying to be the voice of the student body,” says Brent Russell, who has worked closely with Craft as student life coordinator and SGA adviser.

“When it comes to the basics that we look for in a leader — accountability, credibility and stability — Archie ranks at the top of each of those categories,” says Joseph Brown, assistant to the vice president of student affairs.

That type of reputation and Langston’s small family-oriented atmosphere has provided Craft, 22, with opportunities he says he would not have gotten anywhere else. He has been to Washington, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Virginia to represent the school at various conferences and alumni functions.

“I have felt very secure in having him represent the university all across America,” says Langston President Dr. Ernest L. Holloway. “I’ve carried him along with me to many places and even had him represent me on several occasions.”

“Langston has been great for me,” says Craft. It has also been great for his parents, who have not had to empty their pockets for his education thanks to a full scholarship. “That is one of the main reasons I chose Langston,” says Craft. “I didn’t want my parents to have to pay for college.”

Although his father is an alumnus, that was no guarantee Craft would attend Langston. In fact, before he was offered the full scholarship, he hadn’t imagined going there. He was familiar with the school’s football record and was not impressed.

However, he came in as a freshman and played the last part of the season. In fact, in the first game he started as quarterback, he threw for 307 yards.

But staying in the game during his sophomore and junior years proved an uphill battle for Craft. At only 5 feet 7 inches, many considered him too small to be an effective quarterback. And unfortunately, on more than one occasion, his size took precedence over his ability and he was taken out of the game, while others were brought in.

During those years, Craft faced quite a bit of criticism from those who doubted his abilities. And he remembers the experience as being “very frustrating.” When asked how he overcame it, he replies, “with a lot of patience and self-control — holding on until they had to put me back in.”

Brown also remembers a time when Craft was taken out of the game so the team could try out another student as quarterback — someone taller.

He says Craft overcame the challenge with intelligence and determination.

“Sometimes when you can think your way around a player, it is better than running your way around the player. It’s not the size of the body, but the size of determination that counts,” says Brown.


By his senior year, Craft’s patience, self-control and determination paid off. “Senior year was my year,” says Craft. He started the entire season and helped the team end the year with a 5-4 record. “By then they realized that no matter my size, I could play,” says Craft. And now, he has the record to prove it. Craft made the Central States Football League’s Second Team All-Conference, as well as being the conference’s leading passer and second in individual total offense. He also holds the school record for the longest touchdown pass in a game — 97 yards.

Craft’s academic achievement is less subjective. He maintains an impressive 3.81 cumulative GPA and can boast three 4.0 semesters. He is a member of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society, was named to the Coca-Cola All-Academic Team twice and to the American Urban Radio Networks All-Academic Team.

Craft is especially proud of the Radio Networks honor, which included an all-expenses-paid trip to Atlanta to attend the ceremony. “It was an athletics banquet, but we (he and another teammate) were being honored for our academics,” says Craft.

Craft is no stranger to being a student-athlete. He’s been juggling academics and athletics since junior high school — playing not only football but golf as well. And according to Craft, he never had a problem with school. “Books are second nature,” he says.

He credits his upbringing with much of his success. “My parents instilled in me to always be serious and to take responsibility,” says Craft. He also credits his parents with his ability to prioritize — to know the difference between “what one has to do and what one wants to do.”

As for the future, the broadcast journalism major has been offered a job by Cox Cable, where he currently has an internship. He is also considering a position with a Los Angeles production company or perhaps going to graduate school and pursuing an MBA.

Many would find being quarterback, SGA president and an honor student overwhelming. Add to that working an internship, being actively involved in his church, and being a father to his 18-month-old daughter. But Craft embraces the busy lifestyle. And his ability to handle it all has made him a role model on Langston’s campus.

On campus, he is “highly revered,” says Russell. “Even the administration look up to him and look for his advice.”

“He has been a force in mentoring incoming students as well,” says Brown. “New students emulate what they see. And a lot of times he is not even aware that he is doing this.”

As a peer tutor, however, much of Craft’s mentoring has been hands-on. He has also influenced those outside of the Langston family as a Young Life Mentor, interacting With middle-school students from some of Oklahoma’s rural areas. In his role as a mentor, he encourages others to be themselves. He also urges young Black males to avoid getting “caught up in stereotypes.”

Perhaps that message should also be heeded by those who judged Craft first by his size and not his ability. Admittedly, his 5-foot-7-inch, 165-pound frame may not qualify him as a “big” player. But in ambition, determination, dedication and skill he is indeed as big as they come.

Archie D. Craft II 2001 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Of the Year

University: Langston University

Year: Senior

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Cumulative GPA: 3.8

Fall ’00 GPA: 4.0

Sport: Football


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1999: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr.

1998: Patrick Stephen

1997: Kevin Saulsberry

1996: Jacque Vaughn

1995: David Simmons

Craft’s School Of Choice LANGSTON UNIVERSITY

President: Dr. Ernest L. Holloway

Location: Langston, Okla.

Founded: 1897

Mascot: Lions Undergraduate enrollment

(September 2000): 2,695 Graduate enrollment

(September2000): 44

Faculty(Fall 2000): Full-time 125

Staff (Fall 2000): Full-time 350

Athletics: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Central States Football League, Red River Athletic Conference

Did you know?

Langston is home to one of the leading goat-research facilities in the world. Founded in 1979, the E. Kika de la Garza institute draws dignitaries from all over the world in search of the latest findings in goat research.


Women’s Basketball

Fall 00 Cum

Athlete Name Class GPA GPA


Calhoun, Shaunte’ Sr. 3.94 3.65

Carter, Chanelle Sr. 4.00 3.66

Cooper, Camille Sr. 3.78 3.80

Delaney, Shani Sr. 4.00 3.80

Henrique, Daniella Jr. 3.66 3.76

James, Anna C. So. 3.87 3.96

Jones, Aurellius So. 3.82 3.86

Jones, Tonia Sr. 4.00 3.74

Lee, Malika Sr. 3.62 3.62

Oparah, Cindy Sr. 3.30 3.75

Phillips, TaLesha Jr. 4.00 3.86

Quitiquit, Celeste Jr. 3.71 3.81

Schildt, Simarron Jr. 3.25 3.70

Selmon, Megan So. 3.83 3.89

Storey, Candice Sr. 3.76 3.76

Strange, Kori Lynn So. 4.00 3.87


Bowman, Nicole Sr. 3.72 3.61

Dixon, Sheena Sr. 3.00 3.66

Forrest, Monique So. 3.68 3.68

Johnson, Angel So. 3.73 3.70

Lawson, Kimberly So. 3.80 3.65

Manlove, Kiera So. — 3.81

Moss, Nikkita So. 3.49 3.69

Moton, Tashondrea Jr. 3.06 3.63

Scott, Shanta Jr. 3.85 3.65

Shabazz, Malikah So. 4.00 3.70

St. Mary, Melissa So. 3.50 3.70

Tull, Aisha Y’amor Jr. 3.75 3.62

West, Lynette So. 3.70 3.70

Williams, Vershonda So. 4.00 3.65


Alexander, Tisha Jr. 3.58 3.57

Cepero, Greichaly So. 3.50 3.56

Corbitt, Takela Sr. 3.35 3.53

Ellis, Stephanie So. 3.50 3.60

Farrow, Vatreisha Jr. 3.00 3.60

Jackson, Star So. 3.50 3.60

Martens, Alena Jr. 3.33 3.52

Ndoye, Aminato So. 3.30 3.58

Newman, Antonia Jr. 4.00 3.61

Richards, Melissa Sr. 4.00 3.51

Stewart, Reggen Sr. 3.40 3.44

Troy, Mekia Jr. 3.60 3.53

Washington, Tamara Sr. 4.00 3.61

Williams, Amanda So. 3.82 3.50

Woodson, Tamaura Sr. 4.00 3.50


Blankson, Candis Sr. 3.50 3.35

Briley, PaShawnda So. 3.68 3.42

Cleckley, Tia Sr. 3.50 3.40

Collins, Shevon Jr. 2.80 3.48

Conteh, Zainabu Jr. 3.60 3.45

Davis, Tia So. 3.33 3.50

Donaphin, Bethany Jr. 3.50 3.44

Hicks, Brandi Sr. 3.69 3.42

Jackson, Shameka So. 3.60 3.40

Magyar, Dari Jr. 2.94 3.49

Orr, Ebony So. 3.40 3.45

Perkins, Shamekia Sr. 3.45 3.46

Scott, Cebronica So. 3.45 3.48

Wilson, Deidra So. 3.24 3.49


Atkinson, Jessica Sr. 3.00 3.36

Bell, Natasha So. 3.46 3.32

Bottoms, Shanika So. 3.00 3.30

Brown, Brianna So. N/A 3.20

Brown, Gayla So. 3.75 3.20

Day, Shayla Jr. 3.62 3.31

Dudley, Tamika So. 3.19 3.38

Dunk, Shontae So. 3.63 3.23

Ervin, Kesha — 3.33 3.33

Garcia, Sonrisa So. 3.83 3.26

Grant, Glenda Jr. 3.00 3.26

Gray, Sharna’ Sr. 3.25 3.29

Green, Nzinga Jr. 3.50 3.06

Griffin, Marisha So. 3.80 3.30

Hammond, Keivette Sr. 3.20 3.20

Hickman, Maria Jr. 3.52 3.27

Jennings, Tionda Jr. 3.54 3.27

Johnson, Trishia So. 3.00 3.31

Lewis, Yolanda Jr. 3.00 3.26

Maiga, Hamchetou Sr. 2.92 3.36

Melton, Carla L. So. 3.20 3.21

Moore, Marian Sr. 3.47 3.27

Murphy, Stephanie Sr. 3.33 3.33

Nickerson, Je’nine Jr. 3.29 3.29

Prieto, Vara Sr. 3.75 3.31

Rhodes, LaShanthi Jr. 3.75 3.23

Rosado, Kecia So. 3.30 3.20

Rousseau, Alexandra Jr. 3.20 3.34

Sapp, Shanell Jr. 3.40 3.38

Stone, Mary Sr. 3.24 3.24

Thompson, Nykesha Sr. 3.17 3.27

Tillman, Jana So. 3.80 3.30

Timol, Jade Jr. 3.42 3.26

Williams, Elaine Jr. 3.26 3.39

Williams, Jessica Sr. 3.47 3.34

Willis, Maria So. 3.50 3.23

Woods, Tommica Sr. 3.33 3.27

Women’s Bowling

Chester, Linda Jr. 3.13 3.19

Jackson, Lynette Sr. 3.75 3.29

Lee, Mashanda So. 3.59 3.40

Prather, Kimberlie A. So. 4.00 3.40

Salaam, Fathiyyah Sr. 3.67 3.44

Women’s CREW

Clay, Dorothy So. 3.23 3.28

Gardner, Emilia So. 3.62 3.49

Lee, Jenny Jr. 3.80 3.58

Li, Denise So. 3.83 3.83


Chan, Erin So. 3.68 3.64

Chen, Pin So. 3.93 3.90

Rani, Monica Sr. 3.57 3.83


Beaver, Dalton So. 3.73 3.75

Sarmento, Misa O. Jr. 3.23 3.42

Scott, Michelle Sr. 3.70 3.58

Tripp, Rickquel Jr. 3.00 3.35

Women’s GOLF

Beautell, Maria So. 3.40 3.27

Cho, Jeanne So. 4.00 3.65

Clau, Nuria So. 3.70 3.74

Espinoza, Adriana Sr. 2.93 3.26

Hannemann, Candy Jr. 3.20 3.29

Leon, Marcela Jr. 3.63 3.26

Margherio, Kristen Jr. 3.60 3.76

McGee, Lisa So. 3.72 3.76

Okiyama, Towa Jr. 3.60 3.61

Prieto, Marta Sr. 3.76 3.20

Wheeler, Loren So. 3.76 3.33


Gutierrez, Gina Jr. 3.53 3.24

Johnson, Carlla Jr. 4.00 3.87

Lopez, Jerra Jr. 4.00 3.42

Mamby, Sharene Sr. 3.20 3.26

Pickens, Andree Jr. 3.51 3.24

Tunner, Cartny Jr. 3.72 3.58


Caballero, Kristin Jr. 3.07 3.48

Cardoza, Kelly So. 3.35 3.22

Henrique, Daniella Jr. 3.66 3.76

Moreno, Serena Sr. 3.70 3.29

Tripp, Rickquel Jr. 3.00 3.35

Women’s RIFLE

Guerra, Carol Sr. 3.80 3.62

Women’s SOCCER


Brown, Pardis Jr. 4.00 3.93

Cooksey, Kathy Lee Jr. 4.00 3.94

Crabbe, Kacey Sr. 3.45 3.83

Henrique, Daniella Jr. 3.66 3.76

Iglesias, Robyn Sr. 3.25 3.65

Jackson, Olivia Jr. 3.14 3.68

Jordan, Kelly So. 4.00 3.92

Pruitt, Lauren Jr. 3.47 3.60

Slaton, Danielle Jr. 3.68 3.74

Smith, Kaprece Sr. 3.77 3.61

Watson, Amanda So. 3.80 3.82

Wong, Sarah Sr. 4.00 3.69


Applegate, Larissa Sr. 3.53 3.33

Banks, Ryanne Sr. 3.46 3.42

Blackwell, Kristin So. 3.76 3.46

Dallis, Isis Sr. — 3.59

Duran, Jerika Sr. 3.75 3.54

Fisher, Allyson So. 3.62 3.59

Hines, Katrina So. 3.43 3.63

Prieto, Yara Sr. 3.75 3.31

Robinson, Jessica Jr. 2.40 3.39

Sarfo-Kantanka, Victoria Jr. 3.50 3.58

Sellers, Andrea Sr. 3.46 3.57

Williams, Stephanie Jr. 3.68 3.53

Woodward, Jennifer Sr. 3.66 3.46


Alvares, Anjulee So. 2.90 3.24

Belgrave, Trinity So. 3.58 3.21

Cardoza, Kelly So. 3.35 3.22

Gibson, Donyele Jr. 3.54 3.26

Gomez, Lisa So. 3.58 3.31

Hamada, Allison Sr. 3.33 3.28

Hernandez, Jessica So. 3.19 3.37

Martin, Teresa Sr. 3.00 3.27

Mohsen, Ismahan Jr. 3.20 3.30

Myles, Ranell So. 3.57 3.35

Pressley, Melissa So. 3.20 3.30

Roach, Marirose So. 3.28 3.28

Wahle, Nikki So. 3.76 3.34



Austin, Stacey Sr. 3.57 3.59

Bonner, Tracey Sr. 4.00 3.60

Braxton, Kianna Jr. 4.00 3.91

Brown, Ronneshia Jr. 3.66 3.73

Dansby, Nicole Jr. 3.78 3.55

Fernandez, Samee Sr. 3.80 3.54

Humphreys, Tiffani So. 4.00 3.60

Kisaka, Emmalyn Jr. 3.81 3.84

Lilly, Dianna Jr. 3.58 3.66

Lynch, Rachel Jr. 3.10 3.54

Wilson, Denisha Jr. 3.63 3.59


Bell, Natasha So. 3.46 3.32

Clark, Rhoshawnnah Jr. 3.83 3.47

Donester, Jessica So. 3.46 3.59

Kendall, Lisa Diane Jr. 3.70 3.40

Khurana, Pavan Sr. 3.75 3.43

Occhipinti, Nola Jr. 3.45 3.46

Ogee, Kim So. 4.00 3.47

Parker, Wendy Jr. 3.63 3.53

Robles, Kristi So. 4.00 3.42

Sanchez, Diane Sr. 3.67 3.48

Torres, Angela Sr. 3.53 3.30


Boston, Michelline Sr. 3.50 3.30

Collins, Evonda So. 4.00 3.20

Eubanks, Crystal So. 3.26 3.29

Gonzalez, Reina So. 3.46 3.30

Harris, Sharnell So. 3.75 3.23

Madrid, Alexis So. 3.60 3.60

Picon, Kristina Sr. 2.80 3.28

Rhyne, Kelly L. Jr. 3.60 3.25

Truitt, Marilyn So. 3.30 3.30

Yoshizawa, Kimi Sr. 4.00 3.23


Dwyer, Brighid Sr. 4.00 3.45

Gonzalez, Christine Sr. 4.00 3.87

Hong, Angela Jr. 4.00 3.94

Nishimoto, Iris So. 3.83 3.85

Olson, Jill So. 3.84 3.85

Riley, Toni So. 3.50 3.50

Tibball, Karri So. 3.07 3.61


Chavez-Geller, Nanaxni Jr. 3.77 3.38

Elayda, Carmille Jr. 3.20 3.20

Martindale, Leah Jr. NA 3.37

Nogar, Carmella So. 3.64 3.28

Rosa, Sara Jr. 3.57 3.29

Solomon, Tessa H. So. 3.09 3.23


Smaw, Shercoda G. Sr. 4.00 3.42

Women’s TENNIS


Araujo, Patricia Sr. 3.94 3.58

Chavez-Geller, Tonatiuh Jr. 3.60 3.73

Deshmukh, Pooja Jr. 4.00 3.90

Gilliard, Ashley So. — 3.78

Holiday, Jennifer Sr. 4.00 3.96

Howard, Tomeka Sr. 3.73 3.74

Kannarkat, Mily SI. 4.00 3.97

Leung, Stefanie So. 4.00 4.00

Niazi, Sahra So. 3.81 3.91

Yano, Laura Jr. 3.98 3.98

Yoo, Susan Jr. 4.00 3.84


Barreto, Bianca Jr. 3.60 3.55

Brown, Zarinah So. 3.06 3.63

Champman, Veronica Sr. — 3.46

Gong, Delquin Sr. 3.64 3.63

Kabe, Nickole Sr. 4.00 3.53

Kates, Jameelah So. 3.33 3.50

Miranti, Fleurette Jr. 3.06 3.59

Rawls, Rashida So. — 3.72

Rojas-Serpa, Arianna Jr. 3.69 3.68

Thompson, Regina Jr. 3.16 3.47

White, Vicky So. 3.46 3.65


Bull, Tanisha So. 4.00 3.20

Joseph, Bevlynn So. 3.55 3.45

Mayorga, Carolina Jr. 3.80 3.44

Puga, Marisa So. 3.49 3.35

Scott, Toni So. — 3.45

Sinclair, Sheana Jr. 3.25 3.36

Siripipat, Prim So. 3.10 3.37

Thorpe, Lynnelle Jr. 3.22 3.19

Ward, Lanita So. 3.66 3.40



Adeagbo, Simidele So. 4.00 3.82

Anderson, Ann-Marie Sr. 3.78 3.70

Appiah-Kubi, Marian So. 3.80 3.78

Bono, Marisa Sr. 4.03 3.63

Clinkenbeard, Cicely Sr. 3.61 3.84

Cummings, Jean Jr. 4.00 3.89

DeNigris, Susan Jr. 4.00 3.69

Harper, Adelaide S. Jr. 3.77 3.77

Iwasaki, Yumiko Sr. 3.91 3.78

Jones, Jehan S. Sr. 3.55 3.66

Keane-Dawes, Ronique So. 4.00 3.93

Leon, Nakisha Sr. 4.00 3.79

Louis, Willine So. 4.00 3.78

Maycock, Ayesha Sr. 4.00 3.87

Metoyu, Seeyian Sr. 3.76 3.92

Mihaltan, Shannon E. Jr. 4.00 3.96

Nourdeen, Kemi So. 3.46 3.79

Reaves, Margaret Jr. 3.40 3.79

Scott, Raquel Jr. 2.67 3.63

Woolfolk, Robyn Jr. 3.65 3.67


Akan, Nwadiuto So. 3.68 3.74

Allen, Jacquelin So. 3.93 3.62

Brown, CeCelia A. Jr. 3.55 3.55

Buckner, Morgan Sr. 3.53 3.57

Falaiye, Modupe So. 3.67 3.71

Flowers, Kia So. 3.58 3.58

Glenn, Brianna Jr. 3.25 3.52

Hill, Monica T. Jr. 3.20 3.50

Humphrey, Taffani So. 4.00 3.60

Kearney, Sylvia Jr. 3.78 3.50

McKie, Janay So. — 3.71

Miller, Kimberly Sr. 3.65 3.47

Pegher, Stephanie So. 3.43 3.59

Prigg, Erica So. 3.44 3.55

Randall, Oneika Jr. 3.26 3.54

Shariff, Khadija So. 3.41 3.53

Smith, Lasha So. 3.56 3.60

Smith, Randi Jr. 3.80 3.48

Thompson, Regina Jr. 3.16 3.47

Villarreal, Patricia So. 3.46 3.49

Washington, LaToya So. 3.60 3.49


Armstrong, Vanessa Sr. 3.43 3.43

Baca, Kimberly Jr. 3.27 3.44

Brown, Shelley So. 3.85 3.49

Brown, Tomeca Y. Sr. 3.60 3.41

Cathey, Meghan So. 3.63 3.44

Fowler, Michelle Jr. 3.46 3.36

Gilbert, Jessica So. 4.00 3.48

Gooding, Sheena Jr. 3.29 3.42

Gordon, Kerry-Ann Jr. 3.50 3.40

Ingleton, Andrea Sr. 3.76 3.34

Jean, Raphaelle So. 3.45 3.42

Mayes, Adriane Sr. 3.40 3.39

Miller, Doella L. So. 3.10 3.40

Montoya, Andrea Jr. 2.98 3.35

Overton, Kyle So. 3.36 3.40

Rhett, Esi Sr. 3.62 3.41

Ross, Brenda Jr. 3.73 3.35

Ross, Chaniqua Jr. 2.81 3.37

Tinker, Julie Sr. 3.71 3.34

Williams, Elisha Sr. 2.00 3.34


Abu-Bakir, Seidah Sr. 3.69 3.32

Crowd, Alicia Sr. 3.33 3.32

Dickey, Genita Sr. 3.56 3.33

Hickman, Maria Jr. 3.52 3.27

Lisby, Morgan Jr. 3.19 3.25

Mack, Brandy Sr. 4.00 3.33

Martinez, Anna Jr. 2.69 3.27

Onyeagbako, Maureen Sr. 3.79 3.21

Pantoja, Angeles Jr. 2.23 3.33

Parker, Joy So. 3.52 3.31

Quinn, Linneh Sr. 2.93 3.29

Rackley, Cinnamon Sr. 4.00 3.23

Salmon, Stacey Y. Sr. 3.27 3.27

Sampson, Anita Sr. 3.60 3.29

Sandlin, Shona Jr. 3.58 3.31

Sinclair, Hope Jr. 3.56 3.27

Spurlock, Danielle Sr. 3.90 3.30

Thompson, Latricia Jr. 3.20 3.33

Watkins, Aprelle Jr. 3.25 3.30

Watson, Tamieka Jr. 3.40 3.33


Barrow, Rasheca Sr. 3.40 3.20

Deadmon, Ashonti Jr. 2.90 3.21

Fletcher, Erin Sr. 3.20 3.20

Ibe, Ada Sr. 3.67 3.54

Johns, Teeka Sr. 3.18 3.22

Richardson, Ellannee Jr. 3.64 3.20

Robinson, Moushaumi So. 3.75 3.23

Rudolph, Jackie So. 3.20 3.24



Benjamin, Paige So. 3.82 3.90

Boss, Erica So. 4.00 4.00

Carrillo, Marcela Jr. 3.93 3.72

Chavez, Ana Marie Sr. 3.82 3.71

Davis, Shiva Sr. 3.80 3.76

Foxworth, Tamara So. 4.00 3.79

Jennings, Kimberly So. 4.00 3.90

Johnson, Java So. 3.79 3.75

Macon, Gabrielle Sr. 3.86 3.74

Oliveira, Denise So. 3.90 3.80

Villarreal, Mireya Sr. 3.83 3.75

Washington, Monique Jr. 3.55 3.78


Branford, Melissa Jr. 3.82 3.63

Buckner, Morgan Sr. 3.53 3.57

Howard, Sherra Sr. 3.33 3.56

Ivory, Dalela Sr. 3.25 3.56

Jones, Janelle Sr. 3.50 3.50

Parker, Wendy Jr. 3.63 3.53

Pelayo, Rozalyn Sr. 3.39 3.57

Pugh, Melody So. 3.38 3.68

Reid-Webster, Kendall So. 3.70 3.61

Sant’Anna, Debbie Sr. 3.66 3.56

Shelton, Kimber Jr. 4.00 3.70

Steele, Bridget Jr. 3.21 3.60


Ashley, Sierra Grad. 2.75 3.47

Cepero, Greichaly So. 3.50 3.56

Dority, Willette Sr. 3.53 3.29

Hayden, Dionne Jr. 3.75 3.30

Howell, Erica Sr. 3.60 3.30

Olah, Meesa So. 3.81 3.43

Poole, Stacey So. 4.00 3.46

Quon, Michelle Sr. 2.67 3.30

Rosas, Rebekah So. 3.47 3.44

Turner, Tyneka So. N/A 3.38

Walker, Aisha Jr. 3.50 3.36

Witt, Brooke Jr. 4.00 3.35


Carey, Drisana Sr. 3.20 3.23

Douglas, Carol Jr. 3.25 3.21

Doyle, Shannon So. 3.54 3.23

Frazier, Dion Sr. 3.90 3.22

Gooding, Shawna Sr. N/A 3.28

Gray, Sharna Sr. 3.25 3.29

Johnson, Cristal So. 3.30 N/A

Lewis, Robyn Sr. 3.85 3.24

Putz, Christy Sr. 2.98 3.28

Tibbs, Tiffany Jr. 2.75 3.02

Williams, Charece Jr. 3.33 3.29


Lam, Tien So. 3.42 3.25


Allen, Nuru Sr. 3.50 3.00

Anglin, Gregory Jr. 3.60 3.20

Barrios, Daniel So. 3.10 3.22

Bautista, Jose So. 3.76 3.57

Bengochea, Enrique So. 3.75 3.68

Berdecia, Carlos Sr. 2.74 3.32

Cabrera-Valenzuela, U. Sr. 3.22 3.34

Crume, Reggie Jr. 3.00 3.36

Ferraro, Gary Sr. 3.07 3.10

Franco, Johnny Jr. 3.43 3.26

Galvan, Justin So. 3.50 3.36

Guerrero, Julio G. So. 4.00 3.92

Isa, Fernando Jr. 3.40 3.40

Jones, Marcus So. 4.00 3.49

Lacey, Jason So. 3.80 3.51

Niheu, Scott So. 3.14 3.43

Ortiz, Oziel Sr. 3.71 3.38

Reyes, Michael So. 4.00 4.00

Ribas, Gabriel A. Jr. 3.33 3.53

Wilson, Juan So. 3.00 3.05



Edgerson, Eugene Grad. 4.00 4.00

Flores, Ryan Jr. 3.31 3.55

Garcia, Victor So. 3.90 3.70

Gold, Rashad So. 4.00 4.00

Green, Marcus Sr. 3.40 3.59

Harris, Kevin Jr. 3.80 3.70

Lasege, Muhammed So. 3.25 3.75

Mikl, Jiri So. 4.00 4.00

Prather, Scott D. Jr. 3.86 3.85

Shaw, Demetric Sr. 3.70 3.70

Smith, Donte Sr. 3.60 3.68

Torres, Rafael So. 4.00 3.87

Turner, Hajj Malik Sr. 3.50 3.73


Birch III, Cyrus Jr. 3.49 3.49

Blossom, Marcus Sr. 3.10 3.38

Dye, Dedrick So. 3.80 3.68

Hanibal, Rashad Sr. 2.92 3.32

Hayes, Emmitt So. 3.00 3.47

Jackson, Damion Sr. 4.00 3.50

Lyman, Benjamin Sr. 3.67 3.40

Nugent, Ivan So. 3.00 3.46

Riddick, Maurice So. 3.25 3.47

Stewart, Samuel Jr. 3.40 3.40

White, Andre Jr. 3.50 3.39

Wilson, Kendrick So. 3.68 3.59

Yearwood, Maurice So. 3.68 3.67


Barry, Mamadou Sr. 3.33 3.31

Beckett, John Sr. 3.10 3.26

Bey, JaJa So. 3.14 3.24

Diggs, David Jr. 2.82 3.23

Hightower, Chris Sr. 3.50 3.21

Holmes, Keenan So. 3.29 3.30

Howard, Harvell L. So. 3.20 3.20

Jones, James So. 3.14 3.30

Jones, Lee So. 3.00 3.25

Mosby, Drake Sr. 2.88 3.23

Naples, Joe Jr. 3.00 3.20

Powers, Ron Jr. 3.24 3.26

Smith, Dwayne Jr. 3.25 3.32

Wilks, Michael Sr. 3.00 3.23

Woods, Johnny Jr. 3.00 3.29


Cruz, Richard Sr. 3.58 3.48

Taylor, Runako So. 3.55 3.53



Airhiavbere, Uwadiae Jr. 3.50 3.57

Banks, David L., Jr. Sr. 3.00 3.52

Bishop, Ricky Sr. 3.75 3.71

Craft, Archie D., II Sr. 4.00 3.81

de la Torre, Michael Jr. 3.31 3.59

Ferguson, Keith Jr. 3.67 3.70

Foster, Ben Jr. 3.76 3.64

Franklin, Daron Jr. 3.80 3.63

Gonzalez, Joaquin Sr. 3.50 3.48

Kingrey, Derek So. 3.74 3.79

Marong, Serign Sr. 3.85 3.56

Martin, Marion Sr. 4.00 4.00

Medley, Mario So. 4.00 4.00

Northcutt, Jamil So. 3.76 3.66

Ofili, Frank So. 3.67 3.69

Peterson, D’Undray Sr. 3.50 3.48

Powell, Isaac Sr. 3.36 3.50

Taylor, Robert Sr. 3.50 3.48

Walker, Charlie Sr. 3.40 3.50

Watson, Lamar Jr. 4.00 3.93


Booker, Edward So. 3.58 3.41

Buchanan, Ryan Sr. 3.90 3.45

Chester, Jermyn So. 3.00 3.38

Corea, Robert C. So. 3.66 3.54

Croffie, Patrick So. 3.14 3.39

Green, Derek Jr. 3.05 3.38

Harris, William IV Sr. 4.00 3.39

Hill, Marcus Sr. 3.50 3.43

Idewu, Wakeel So. 3.47 3.49

Johnson, A. Kyle Grad. 3.10 3.34

Johnson, Captian C. So. 3.50 3.63

Kenner, Deontey Sr. 3.64 3.33

Lockhart, Jamar Sr. 2.20 3.44

Ortega, Travis Sr. 3.58 3.46

Porter, Chris Jr. 3.25 3.42

Rasheed, Saleem So. 3.91 3.39

Rodriguez, Christian Sr. 3.36 3.45

Solomon, Nicholas Sr. 3.67 3.33

Stinson, Brian Grad. 3.43 3.47

Thomas, Dontarrious So. 3.54 3.47


Acie, Jarius So. 3.56 3.36

Agboke, Adewale Jr. 3.50 3.20

Benson, Andrew Sr. 3.67 3.20

Buggs, Walter S., Jr. So. 3.39 3.35

Carter, David Sr. 3.60 3.20

Coleman, Eric Sr. 3.58 3.20

Franco, Johnny Jr. 3.43 3.26

Griffin, Kelvin Sr. 3.78 3.26

Hammock, Thomas Jr. 3.20 3.30

Hutchins, Von So. 2.86 3.28

King, Kenny So. 3.79 3.35

Lumumba, Menelek Sr. 3.10 3.20

Matthie, Marc Jr. 3.45 3.29

Mesley, Dwight Jr. 3.11 3.27

Scott, Deric Sr. 3.20 3.20

Toussaint, Ashley Jr. 3.26 3.27

Weathersby, Dennis Jr. 3.00 3.32

Wilson, Juan So. 3.00 3.05

Wormer, Brandon Sr. 3.23 3.23

Yarberough, Phil Sr. 3.60 3.20

Men’s GOLF

Bebe, Ryan Jr. 3.13 3.46

Benedetti, Camilo Jr. 3.30 3.10

Deacon, Sean So. 4.00 3.88

Deacon, Todd Jr. 3.00 3.22

Scott, David So. 3.00 3.35

Sherlock, Quinton Sr. 3.60 3.31

Singh, K. B. Sr. 3.38 3.23



Ching, Brian Grad. 3.66 3.66

Dowe, Rufus Sr. 3.61 3.46

Foster, Dave Jr. 2.75 3.55

Justino, Charles Sr. 3.66 3.48

Larmond, Bunnyray Sr. 3.33 3.49

McClendon, Jamal So. 3.57 3.55

McKnight, Reginald Sr. 3.73 3.56

Quinn, Connor So. 3.84 3.74

Woolfolk, Corey Sr. 4.00 3.66

Yabar, Goran Sr. 3.69 3.72


Bebe, Ryan Jr. 3.13 3.46

Burris, Otis Sr. 3.57 3.35

Campos, Elmer Sr. 3.06 3.36

Colacion, Aaron Jr. 3.60 3.31

Harris, Isiah Sr. 3.52 3.41

Maliza, Johanes So. 3.48 3.49

Rabbon, Eric So. 2.66 3.32

Westbay, Caleb Sr. 3.80 3.40

Williams, Andrew Sr. 3.17 3.42


Fareed, Morad Sr. 2.96 3.22

Fuenmayor, Felipe Sr. 3.20 3.25

Gomez, Ed Sr. 3.33 3.24

Lujan, Edmundo Sr. 3.23 3.22

McLaren, Brandon Jr. 3.60 3.27

Michel, Dave Sr. 3.40 3.31

Moore, Anthony Grad. 3.10 3.30

Morales, Aldo Sr. 3.08 3.22

Willis, Kendal Sr. 3.03 3.30


Fraser, Omar Tarik Jr. 3.46 3.29

Fung-A-Wing, Mike Sr. — 3.50

Jimenez, Mike So. 3.11 3.21

Lopez, Daniel Sr. 3.46 3.29

Molari, Ricardo So. 3.50 3.57

Odendaal, Hendrik Jr. 3.41 3.51

Rodas, Conrado So. 3.11 3.62



Bascome, D.C. Sr. 4.00 4.00

Brown, Justin T. Sr. 3.69 3.85

Delfin, Luis Sr. 4.00 3.59

Dokes, Keith Jr. 3.60 3.50

Espinosa, John Sr. 4.00 3.84

Gupta, Anil So. 3.53 3.78

Lawrence, Jason Jr. 3.84 3.80

Lopez, Oscar Sr. 3.73 3.48

Munoz, Raul Sr. 3.73 3.45

O’Connor, Sean M. So. 3.37 3.58

Sanders, Darius Jr. 3.29 3.83

Sealy, Shane Jr. 3.58 3.65

Smart, Ramon So. 3.60 3.50


Bawono, Edo Sr. 4.00 3.33

Dillay, Krishane Sr. 2.86 3.30

Faerman, Fabio Jr. 3.50 3.40

Hoyt, Marion Sr. 3.40 3.40

Joseph, Lesley So. 3.20 3.40

Judson, Rashad So. 3.21 3.36

Khurana, Pavan Sr. 3.75 3.43

Ma, Christopher Sr. 3.65 3.27

Mohammed, Salman So. 3.81 3.25

Netzler, Peter Jr. 3.85 3.47

Wells, Joseph E., II Jr. 3.00 3.25



Brooks, Patrick Jr. 4.00 4.00

Clark, Frank Jr. 3.50 3.71

Delfin, Luis Sr. 4.00 3.59

Goklish, Kyle So. 3.85 3.76

Jones, Alvin Jr. 3.71 3.68

Jones, Brandon Jr. 3.31 3.64

Logan, Tim Sr. 3.82 3.57

Lokale, Michael So. 3.65 3.80

McGhie, Alain So. 3.77 3.76

Montoro, Felipe Sr. 3.57 3.58

Nikbakhsh-Tali, Justin Jr. 3.68 3.90

Noble, Karl Jr. 3.84 3.96

Robbins, Anthony Jr. 4.00 4.00

Shorter, Xavier Jr. 4.00 3.96

Webb, Jason Sr. 3.80 3.90


Bailey, Omar N. Sr. 3.50 3.51

Boykins, Anthony R. Jr. 3.60 3.50

Hoyt, Marlon Sr. 3.40 3.40

Ingram, Jauron Grad. 3.50 3.42

Jackson, Terrell Jr. 4.00 3.56

Lee, Jonathon So. 3.22 3.43

Mbayen, Joseph Sr. 3.58 3.51

Osabutey, Emmanuel Sr. 3.27 3.47

Pierre, Junior So. 3.34 3.49

Romo, Luis Arturo So. 3.11 3.63

Sheffield, Jonathan So. 3.48 3.58

Sims, Leroy Jr. 3.00 3.40

Swamidass, Santosh Sr. 3.21 3.42

Tolbert, Jeremiah So. 3.23 3.44

Wachiea, Peter Sr. 3.60 3.50


Abdolrasulnia, Mazi Sr. 3.52 3.30

Ambrose, Gavin Sr. 3.20 3.28

Annabi, Karim So. 3.20 3.40

Daley, George Sr. 3.44 3.30

Edmundson, Ronald Jr. 3.50 3.38

Jackson, Mark Jr. 3.70 3.29

Jones, Eric Jr. 3.14 3.39

Jones, Sean Jr. 2.83 3.30

Koech, Japheth Sr. 2.83 3.30

Ladapo, Patrick So. 2.96 3.37

Lagat, Geoffrey So. 3.07 3.43

Mutai, Christopher Sr. 3.25 3.35

Thompson, Marcus Jr. 3.40 3.40

Walters, Tavaris Sr. 3.56 3.30

Willis, Kendal Sr. 3.03 3.30


Acie, Joel Jr. 3.22 3.20

Marts, Luke So. 3.60 3.28

Perkins, Issac Jr. 3.00 3.26

Petty, Richard So. 3.25 3.25

Prescod, Samuel So. 3.47 3.29

Rodriques, Alix So. 3.21 3.21

Singleton, Paul So. 3.52 3.21

Walwyn, Vaughn So. 3.34 3.23


Aristodemou, Christakis So. 4.00 4.00

Bebe, Ryan Jr. 3.13 3.46

Cheema, Amarpreet Sr. 3.31 3.38

Gomez, Ed Sr. 3.33 3.24

Hoyt, Marion Damion Sr. 3.40 3.40

Ramirez, Ivan Sr. 3.67 3.28

Smart, Ramon So. 3.60 3.50


Barron, Paul Sr. 3.56 3.61

Marcantel, William Sr. 3.60 3.55

McNeil, Arthur Jr. 3.29 3.25

Oldham, Mike Sr. 3.40 3.26

Women’s Basketball

Athlete Name Major


Calhoun, Shaunte’ Physical Education

Carter, Chanelle Biology

Cooper, Camille Political Science

Delaney, Shani Neuroscience

Henrique, Daniella Finance

James, Anna C. Psychology

Jones, Aurellius Biology

Jones, Tonia Exercise Science

Lee, Malika Economics

Oparah, Cindy Biological Science

Phillips, TaLesha Physical Education

Quitiquit, Celeste Biology

Schildt, Simarron Health

Selmon, Megan International Studies

Storey, Candice Human Development

Strange, Kori Lynn Early Child Education


Bowman, Nicole Education

Dixon, Sheena Marketing Management

Forrest, Monique History

Johnson, Angel Psychology

Lawson, Kimberly Interdisciplinary Studies

Manlove, Kiera Kinesiology

Moss, Nikkita Therapeutic Recreation

Moton, Tashondrea Marketing

Scott, Shanta Art History

Shabazz, Malikah Physical Education

St. Mary, Melissa Business Management

Tull, Aisha Y’amor Speech Communication

West, Lynette Biology Pre-Health

Williams, Vershonda Undecided


Alexander, Tisha Biology

Cepero, Greichaly International Business

Corbitt, Takela Biology

Ellis, Stephanie Information Service Tech.

Farrow, Vatreisha Business

Jackson, Star Information Systems

Martens, Alena Pre-Dental

Ndoye, Aminato Business Administration

Newman, Antonia Business Administration

Richards, Melissa Chemistry

Stewart, Reggen Social Work

Troy, Mekia Physical Education

Washington, Tamara Health & Physical Ed.

Williams, Amanda Education

Woodson, Tamaura Elementary Education


Blankson, Candis Marketing

Briley, PaShawnda Psychology

Cleckley, Tia Management

Collins, Shevon Physical Education

Conteh, Zainabu Sociology

Davis, Tia Business

Donaphin, Bethany Public Policy

Hicks, Brandi Biology

Jackson, Shameka Computer Science

Magyar, Dari Economics

Orr, Ebony Business

Perkins, Shamekia Psychology

Scott, Cebronica Sport Management

Wilson, Deidra Undecided


Atkinson, Jessica Business & Economics

Bell, Natasha Sociology

Bottoms, Shanika Nursing

Brown, Brianna African American Studies

Brown, Gayla Physical Education

Day, Shayla Journalism

Dudley, Tamika Physical Education

Dunk, Shontae Communications

Ervin, Kesha History

Garcia, Sonrisa Nursing

Grant, Glenda Information Systems

Gray, Sharna’ Biology

Green, Nzinga Graphic Designs

Griffin, Marisha Psychology/Sociology

Hammond, Keivette Business Administration

Hickman, Maria Sport Management

Jennings, Tionda Investment Management

Johnson, Trishia Special Education

Lewis, Yolanda Elementary Education

Maiga, Hamchetou Information Systems

Melton, Carla L. History

Moore, Marian Business Administration

Murphy, Stephanie Student Personnel

Nickerson, Je’nine Psychology

Prieto, Vara Sociology

Rhodes, LaShanthi Computer Science

Rosado, Kecia Media Arts

Rousseau, Alexandra Sport Management

Sapp, Shanell Media Studies

Stone, Mary Psychology

Thompson, Nykesha Business Administration

Tillman, Jana Accounting

Timol, Jade Sports Marketing

Williams, Elaine Business Communication

Williams, Jessica Physical Education

Willis, Maria Education

Woods, Tommica Sport Marketing

Women’s Bowling

Chester, Linda Elementary Education

Jackson, Lynette Psychology

Lee, Mashanda Management

Prather, Kimberlie A. Elementary Education

Salaam, Fathiyyah Counseling Education

Women’s CREW

Clay, Dorothy Finance

Gardner, Emilia Philosophy

Lee, Jenny Business Management

Li, Denise Biochemistry


Chan, Erin Journalism

Chen, Pin Music Education

Rani, Monica Human Development


Beaver, Dalton Psychology

Sarmento, Misa O. Chemistry

Scott, Michelle Human Biology

Tripp, Rickquel Mathematics

Women’s GOLF

Beautell, Maria Anthropology

Cho, Jeanne Quantitative Sciences

Clau, Nuria Mathematical Business

Espinoza, Adriana Art

Hannemann, Candy —

Leon, Marcela Business

Margherio, Kristen Finance

McGee, Lisa Business Administration

Okiyama, Towa Art Studio

Prieto, Marta Economics

Wheeler, Loren History


Gutierrez, Gina Elementary Education

Johnson, Carlla Government and Politics

Lopez, Jerra Pre-Communications

Mamby, Sharene Psychology

Pickens, Andree Biology

Tunner, Cartny Public Health


Caballero, Kristin Biochemistry

Cardoza, Kelly —

Henrique, Daniella Finance

Moreno, Serena Liberal Studies

Tripp, Rickquel Mathematics

Women’s RIFLE

Guerra, Carol Art

Women’s SOCCER


Brown, Pardis Interdisciplinary Studies

Cooksey, Kathy Lee Physics, Chemistry

Crabbe, Kacey Psychology

Henrique, Daniella Finance

Iglesias, Robyn Psychology

Jackson, Olivia Early Childhood Edu.

Jordan, Kelly Parks, Rec. & Tourism

Pruitt, Lauren Business

Slaton, Danielle Psychobiology

Smith, Kaprece History

Watson, Amanda Psychology

Wong, Sarah Marketing


Applegate, Larissa Sociology

Banks, Ryanne Sociology

Blackwell, Kristin English

Dallis, Isis Sociology & Marketing

Duran, Jerika Botany

Fisher, Allyson Psychology

Hines, Katrina Business

Prieto, Yara Sociology

Robinson, Jessica Law Enforcement

Sarfo-Kantanka, Victoria Communications

Sellers, Andrea Exercise Science

Williams, Stephanie Biology

Woodward, Jennifer Broadcasting


Alvares, Anjulee Communications

Belgrave, Trinity Biology

Cardoza, Kelly —

Gibson, Donyele Modern Languages & Lit.

Gomez, Lisa Sports Management

Hamada, Allison Business Administration

Hernandez, Jessica Psychology

Martin, Teresa Human Resource Mgmt.

Mohsen, Ismahan Occupational Therapy

Myles, Ranell Psychology

Pressley, Melissa Psychology

Roach, Marirose Communications

Wahle, Nikki Communications



Austin, Stacey Communications

Bonner, Tracey Theater

Braxton, Kianna Accounting

Brown, Ronneshia Communications

Dansby, Nicole Liberal Studies

Fernandez, Samee Psychology

Humphreys, Tiffani Biology

Kisaka, Emmalyn Interdisciplinary Studies

Lilly, Dianna Business

Lynch, Rachel Sport Management

Wilson, Denisha Biology


Bell, Natasha Sociology

Clark, Rhoshawnnah Political Science

Donester, Jessica Marketing

Kendall, Lisa Diane English

Khurana, Pavan Chemistry & Biology

Occhipinti, Nola Psychology

Ogee, Kim Elementary Education

Parker, Wendy Elementary Education

Robles, Kristi —

Sanchez, Diane Elementary Education

Torres, Angela Mathematics


Boston, Michelline Sociology

Collins, Evonda Criminal Justice

Eubanks, Crystal Physical Therapy

Gonzalez, Reina Communication Design

Harris, Sharnell Psychology

Madrid, Alexis Economics

Picon, Kristina Communications

Rhyne, Kelly L. Elementary Education

Truitt, Marilyn Math Education

Yoshizawa, Kimi Exercise & Sport Science


Dwyer, Brighid Sociology

Gonzalez, Christine Business Administration

Hong, Angela Sports Medicine

Nishimoto, Iris Psychology

Olson, Jill Business Administration

Riley, Toni Biology

Tibball, Karri Biomedical Science


Chavez-Geller, Nanaxni Sports Medicine

Elayda, Carmille International Business

Martindale, Leah Psychology

Nogar, Carmella Nutritional Science

Rosa, Sara Economics

Solomon, Tessa H. Business


Smaw, Shercoda G. Biology

Women’s TENNIS


Araujo, Patricia Fine Arts

Chavez-Geller, Tonatiuh Business

Deshmukh, Pooja Information Systems

Gilliard, Ashley Economics

Holiday, Jennifer Business & Spanish

Howard, Tomeka Biology

Kannarkat, Mily Biology

Leung, Stefanie International Business

Niazi, Sahra Biology

Yano, Laura Math

Yoo, Susan Biology


Barreto, Bianca Liberal Arts

Brown, Zarinah Business

Champman, Veronica —

Gong, Delquin Biochemistry

Kabe, Nickole Anthropology

Kates, Jameelah Political Science

Miranti, Fleurette Computer Science

Rawls, Rashida Chemistry

Rojas-Serpa, Arianna Sports Medicine

Thompson, Regina Information Technology

White, Vicky Rehabilitation Services


Bull, Tanisha English

Joseph, Bevlynn Biology

Mayorga, Carolina International Economics

Puga, Marisa Hotel Restaurant Mgmt.

Scott, Toni Undeclared

Sinclair, Sheana Elementary Education

Siripipat, Prim Sociology

Thorpe, Lynnelle Biology

Ward, Lanita Public Relations



Adeagbo, Simidele Journalism

Anderson, Ann-Marie Banking & Finance

Appiah-Kubi, Marian Interdisciplinary Studies

Bono, Marisa Political Sci./Spanish

Clinkenbeard, Cicely Communications

Cummings, Jean Biology

DeNigris, Susan Psychology

Harper, Adelaide S. Professional Pharmacy

Iwasaki, Yumiko Spanish

Jones, Jehan S. Interdisciplinary Studies

Keane-Dawes, Ronique Undeclared

Leon, Nakisha Business

Louis, Willine Nursing

Maycock, Ayesha Business Management

Metoyu, Seeyian Computer Science

Mihaltan, Shannon E. K-8 Elem. Education

Nourdeen, Kemi Biomedical Science

Reaves, Margaret Chemical Engineering

Scott, Raquel International Finance

Woolfolk, Robyn Spanish


Akan, Nwadiuto Undeclared

Allen, Jacquelin Political Science

Brown, CeCelia A. Microbiology

Buckner, Morgan Interdisciplinary Studies

Falaiye, Modupe Sociology

Flowers, Kia Communications

Glenn, Brianna Marketing

Hill, Monica T. Health & Exercise Science

Humphrey, Taffani Biology

Kearney, Sylvia Health & Exercise Science

McKie, Janay Undeclared

Miller, Kimberly Social Policy

Pegher, Stephanie General Studies

Prigg, Erica Communications

Randall, Oneika Biology

Shariff, Khadija Undeclared

Smith, Lasha Criminal Justice

Smith, Randi Zoology

Thompson, Regina Information Technology

Villarreal, Patricia Pre-Dental (Chemistry)

Washington, LaToya Kinesiology


Armstrong, Vanessa Psychology

Baca, Kimberly Communications

Brown, Shelley Biological Sciences

Brown, Tomeca Y. Management

Cathey, Meghan Accounting

Fowler, Michelle Business Administration

Gilbert, Jessica Business Management

Gooding, Sheena Marketing

Gordon, Kerry-Ann Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt.

Ingleton, Andrea Accounting

Jean, Raphaelle Biology

Mayes, Adriane Engineering

Miller, Doella L. Biology/Pre-Med

Montoya, Andrea Exercise Science

Overton, Kyle Pre-Special Education

Rhett, Esi Anthropology

Ross, Brenda Middle Grades Education

Ross, Chaniqua Sociology

Tinker, Julie Communications

Williams, Elisha Chemical Engineering


Abu-Bakir, Seidah Public Affairs

Crowd, Alicia Spanish Language

Dickey, Genita Information Systems

Hickman, Maria Sports Management

Lisby, Morgan Biology

Mack, Brandy Communicative Disorders

Martinez, Anna Environmental Studies

Onyeagbako, Maureen Political Science

Pantoja, Angeles Business Administration

Parker, Joy Arts & Sciences

Quinn, Linneh Information Management

Rackley, Cinnamon Psychology

Salmon, Stacey Y. Business

Sampson, Anita Sociology

Sandlin, Shona Education

Sinclair, Hope Community Recreation

Spurlock, Danielle Sociology

Thompson, Latricia Accounting

Watkins, Aprelle Information Management

Watson, Tamieka Banking & Finance


Barrow, Rasheca Information Systems

Deadmon, Ashonti Pre-Medicine

Fletcher, Erin Civil Engineering

Ibe, Ada Secondary Education

Johns, Teeka Athletic Training

Richardson, Ellannee Criminal Justice

Robinson, Moushaumi Communications

Rudolph, Jackie History



Benjamin, Paige Accounting

Boss, Erica Nursing

Carrillo, Marcela Economics

Chavez, Ana Marie Kinesiology

Davis, Shiva Marketing

Foxworth, Tamara Anthropology

Jennings, Kimberly Biology

Johnson, Java Computer Science

Macon, Gabrielle Political Science

Oliveira, Denise Mass Media

Villarreal, Mireya Marketing

Washington, Monique Spanish Education


Branford, Melissa Biology

Buckner, Morgan Recreation Leadership

Howard, Sherra Middle Grades Education

Ivory, Dalela Accounting

Jones, Janelle Family Therapy

Parker, Wendy Elementary Education

Pelayo, Rozalyn Combined Science

Pugh, Melody Biology

Reid-Webster, Kendall Elementary Education

Sant’Anna, Debbie Business Administration

Shelton, Kimber Psych./Criminal Justice

Steele, Bridget Math Education


Ashley, Sierra Business

Cepero, Greichaly International Business

Dority, Willette Public Relations

Hayden, Dionne Finance

Howell, Erica Business

Olah, Meesa Exercise Science

Poole, Stacey Undecided

Quon, Michelle Psychology

Rosas, Rebekah Undecided

Turner, Tyneka Physical Education

Walker, Aisha Biology

Witt, Brooke Psychology


Carey, Drisana Advertising

Douglas, Carol Undecided

Doyle, Shannon Radio-Television

Frazier, Dion Psychology

Gooding, Shawna Marketing

Gray, Sharna Biology

Johnson, Cristal Computer Science

Lewis, Robyn Human Biology

Putz, Christy Sports Science

Tibbs, Tiffany Business Management

Williams, Charece Business Management


Lam, Tien Mathematics/Business


Allen, Nuru Sports Management

Anglin, Gregory Interdisciplinary Studies

Barrios, Daniel Management

Bautista, Jose Business

Bengochea, Enrique Systems Analysis

Berdecia, Carlos Business Management

Cabrera-Valenzuela, U. Interdisciplinary Studies

Crume, Reggie Communication Arts

Ferraro, Gary Liberal Studies

Franco, Johnny Biochemistry

Galvan, Justin Psychology

Guerrero, Julio G. Biology

Isa, Fernando Business Management

Jones, Marcus Business

Lacey, Jason Information Systems

Niheu, Scott Marketing

Ortiz, Oziel Biology

Reyes, Michael Biology

Ribas, Gabriel A. Interdisciplinary Studies

Wilson, Juan Human Services



Edgerson, Eugene Education

Flores, Ryan Biology

Garcia, Victor Economics/Spanish

Gold, Rashad Chemical Engineering

Green, Marcus Finance

Harris, Kevin Business Management

Lasege, Muhammed Business

Mikl, Jiri Business Administration

Prather, Scott D. Business

Shaw, Demetric Biochemistry

Smith, Donte Marketing

Torres, Rafael Office Technology

Turner, Hajj Malik Pan African Studies


Birch III, Cyrus Computer Info. Systems

Blossom, Marcus Business

Dye, Dedrick Business Administration

Hanibal, Rashad Business/Finance

Hayes, Emmitt Business Administration

Jackson, Damion Business Management

Lyman, Benjamin Business

Nugent, Ivan Business

Riddick, Maurice General Studies/Music

Stewart, Samuel Physical Education

White, Andre Finance

Wilson, Kendrick Business Management

Yearwood, Maurice Marketing


Barry, Mamadou Finance

Beckett, John Business Management

Bey, JaJa Management

Diggs, David Computer Engineering

Hightower, Chris Communications Studies

Holmes, Keenan Information Systems

Howard, Harvell L. Business/Economics

Jones, James Business Management

Jones, Lee Management

Mosby, Drake Finance

Naples, Joe Elementary Education

Powers, Ron Interdisciplinary Studies

Smith, Dwayne Management

Wilks, Michael Economics

Woods, Johnny History


Cruz, Richard Psychology

Taylor, Runako Media Studies



Airhiavbere, Uwadiae Math/Economics

Banks, David L., Jr. Information Systems

Bishop, Ricky History

Craft, Archie D., II Broadcast Journalism

de la Torre, Michael Business Administration

Ferguson, Keith Business Administration

Foster, Ben Biology

Franklin, Daron Organizational Mgmt.

Gonzalez, Joaquin Marketing

Kingrey, Derek Arts Sciences/Physics

Marong, Serign Biology

Martin, Marion Chemistry

Medley, Mario Middle Childhood Edu.

Northcutt, Jamil Exercise Science

Ofili, Frank Mechanical Engineering

Peterson, D’Undray Psychology

Powell, Isaac Pre-Medicine

Taylor, Robert Accounting

Walker, Charlie Biology/Pre-Med.

Watson, Lamar Marketing


Booker, Edward Marketing

Buchanan, Ryan Business Management

Chester, Jermyn Computer Engineering

Corea, Robert C. Liberal Studies

Croffie, Patrick Undecided

Green, Derek Interdisciplinary Studies

Harris, William IV Biology

Hill, Marcus Marketing

Idewu, Wakeel Computer Science

Johnson, A. Kyle MBA

Johnson, Captian C. Computer Science

Kenner, Deontey Exercise Physiology

Lockhart, Jamar Finance

Ortega, Travis Political Science

Porter, Chris History

Rasheed, Saleem Pre-Business

Rodriguez, Christian Accounting

Solomon, Nicholas Special Education

Stinson, Brian MA in Higher Education

Thomas, Dontarrious Pre-Business


Acie, Jarius Technology

Agboke, Adewale Art

Benson, Andrew IST & Finance

Buggs, Walter S., Jr. Psychology

Carter, David Health & Physical Edu.

Coleman, Eric Liberal Arts

Franco, Johnny Biochemistry/Pre-Med.

Griffin, Kelvin Criminal Justice

Hammock, Thomas Marketing

Hutchins, Von Undecided

King, Kenny Pre-Business

Lumumba, Menelek English/Film Studies

Matthie, Marc Marketing

Mesley, Dwight Pre-Med.

Scott, Deric Health/Coaching

Toussaint, Ashley Social Sciences Edu.

Weathersby, Dennis Liberal Studies

Wilson, Juan Human Services

Wormer, Brandon Communication

Yarberough, Phil Economics & Business

Men’s GOLF

Bebe, Ryan Information Systems

Benedetti, Camilo Business Administration

Deacon, Sean Natural Resources

Deacon, Todd Business Administration

Scott, David Business Administration

Sherlock, Quinton Psychology

Singh, K. B. Finance



Ching, Brian MBA

Dowe, Rufus Finance

Foster, Dave Information Systems

Justino, Charles Business

Larmond, Bunnyray Mechanical Engineering

McClendon, Jamal Chemistry

McKnight, Reginald American Studies

Quinn, Connor Biology

Woolfolk, Corey Urban Studies

Yabar, Goran Biology/Pre-Med.


Bebe, Ryan Information Systems

Burris, Otis Business Administration

Campos, Elmer Media Arts

Colacion, Aaron Sociology

Harris, Isiah Biology & Psychology

Maliza, Johanes Linguistics

Rabbon, Eric Computer Science

Westbay, Caleb Economics

Williams, Andrew Psychology


Fareed, Morad Economics

Fuenmayor, Felipe Economics

Gomez, Ed Graphic Design/Art

Lujan, Edmundo International Business

McLaren, Brandon Human Biology

Michel, Dave Biology

Moore, Anthony Criminal Justice

Morales, Aldo Information Systems

Willis, Kendal Marketing


Fraser, Omar Tarik Mechanical Engineering

Fung-A-Wing, Mike Microbiology

Jimenez, Mike Engineering

Lopez, Daniel Biology/Pre-Med.

Molari, Ricardo Civil Engineering

Odendaal, Hendrik Exercise Physiology

Rodas, Conrado Electrical Engineering



Bascome, D.C. Psychology

Brown, Justin T. Psychology & Spanish

Delfin, Luis Engineering

Dokes, Keith Psychology

Espinosa, John Business

Gupta, Anil Biology/Sociology

Lawrence, Jason Electrical Engineering

Lopez, Oscar Marketing

Munoz, Raul Economics

O’Connor, Sean M. Pre-Med.

Sanders, Darius Physics

Sealy, Shane Business Management

Smart, Ramon Computer Science


Bawono, Edo Information Systems

Dillay, Krishane Information Science

Faerman, Fabio Engineering

Hoyt, Marion Physical Education

Joseph, Lesley Computer Science

Judson, Rashad Marine Biology

Khurana, Pavan Chemistry/Biology

Ma, Christopher Biological Sciences

Mohammed, Salman Information Systems

Netzler, Peter Exercise Science

Wells, Joseph E., II Sport Management



Brooks, Patrick Biology/Pre Med.

Clark, Frank Biology

Delfin, Luis Engineering

Goklish, Kyle Secondary Education

Jones, Alvin Biology

Jones, Brandon Physiology/Biology

Logan, Tim Comm. Health Education

Lokale, Michael Biology

McGhie, Alain Computer Science

Montoro, Felipe Spanish & History

Nikbakhsh-Tali, Justin Business Administration

Noble, Karl Accounting

Robbins, Anthony Biology

Shorter, Xavier Comp. Info. Systems

Webb, Jason Comp. Info. Systems


Bailey, Omar N. Accounting

Boykins, Anthony R. Criminology

Hoyt, Marlon Physical Education

Ingram, Jauron Business Administration

Jackson, Terrell Psychology

Lee, Jonathon Marketing

Mbayen, Joseph Intl. Finance Management

Osabutey, Emmanuel Architecture

Pierre, Junior Physical Education

Romo, Luis Arturo Liberal Studies

Sheffield, Jonathan Elem. Education & Spanish

Sims, Leroy Biology/Pre-Med.

Swamidass, Santosh Engineering

Tolbert, Jeremiah Architecture

Wachiea, Peter Computer Science


Abdolrasulnia, Mazi Biology

Ambrose, Gavin Criminal Justice

Annabi, Karim Finance

Daley, George Banking & Finance

Edmundson, Ronald History

Jackson, Mark Psychology

Jones, Eric Engineering

Jones, Sean Information Systems

Koech, Japheth Mgmt. Info. Systems

Ladapo, Patrick Chemistry

Lagat, Geoffrey Information Systems

Mutai, Christopher Biology

Thompson, Marcus Business

Walters, Tavaris Business Manager

Willis, Kendal Marketing


Acie, Joel Health Services

Marts, Luke English

Perkins, Issac General Studies

Petty, Richard Physical Therapy

Prescod, Samuel Mechanical Engineering

Rodriques, Alix Art

Singleton, Paul Business

Walwyn, Vaughn Economics


Aristodemou, Christakis Accounting

Bebe, Ryan Information Systems

Cheema, Amarpreet Business Administration

Gomez, Ed Graphic Design

Hoyt, Marion Damion Physical Education

Ramirez, Ivan Marketing

Smart, Ramon Computer Science


Barron, Paul Civil Engineering

Marcantel, William History

McNeil, Arthur History

Oldham, Mike Communications

Women’s Basketball

Athlete Name School


Calhoun, Shaunte’ Bethel College (Ind.)

Carter, Chanelle Delaware State University

Cooper, Camille Purdue University

Delaney, Shani Wellesley College

Henrique, Daniella Howard University

James, Anna C. University of Maine

Jones, Aurellius Fort Valley State University

Jones, Tonia University of North Dakota

Lee, Malika Spelman College

Oparah, Cindy University of California-Irvine

Phillips, TaLesha Stillman College

Quitiquit, Celeste Gonzaga University

Schildt, Simarron University of Montana

Selmon, Megan Trinity University

Storey, Candice Vanderbilt University

Strange, Kori Lynn College of Mount Saint Joseph


Bowman, Nicole Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck

Dixon, Sheena Delaware State University

Forrest, Monique Spelman College

Johnson, Angel Longwood College

Lawson, Kimberly Rice University

Manlove, Kiera West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Moss, Nikkita Benedict College

Moton, Tashondrea University of Mississippi

Scott, Shanta University of Hartford

Shabazz, Malikah Kentucky State University

St. Mary, Melissa Louisiana State University at Eunice

Tull, Aisha Y’amor University of Georgia

West, Lynette Alabama State University

Williams, Vershonda McLennan Community College


Alexander, Tisha Langston University

Cepero, Greichaly University of Nebraska

Corbitt, Takela University of Mississippi

Ellis, Stephanie College of Southern Maryland

Farrow, Vatreisha Kentucky State University

Jackson, Star Saint Louis University

Martens, Alena University of Dayton

Ndoye, Aminato Sinclair Community College

Newman, Antonia Florida Southern College

Richards, Melissa Central State University

Stewart, Reggen Wright State University

Troy, Mekia Berry College

Washington, Tamara Tennessee State University

Williams, Amanda Fort Valley State University

Woodson, Tamaura Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania


Blankson, Candis DePaul University

Briley, PaShawnda Bryn Mawr College

Cleckley, Tia Lesley University

Collins, Shevon Hunter College

Conteh, Zainabu Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck

Davis, Tia University of Toledo

Donaphin, Bethany Stanford University

Hicks, Brandi University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jackson, Shameka Alabama State University

Magyar, Dari New York University

Orr, Ebony Lenoir-Rhyne College

Perkins, Shamekia Chapman University

Scott, Cebronica High Point University

Wilson, Deidra Victor Valley College


Atkinson, Jessica Hendrix College

Bell, Natasha Bloomfield College

Bottoms, Shanika Langston University

Brown, Brianna Brown University

Brown, Gayla Johnson County Community College

Day, Shayla University of Mississippi

Dudley, Tamika Long Island University

Dunk, Shontae Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Ervin, Kesha Stillman College

Garcia, Sonrisa Long Island University

Grant, Glenda Park College

Gray, Sharna’ Bowie State University

Green, Nzinga Bloomfield College

Griffin, Marisha Maryville University

Hammond, Keivette West Virginia University Institute

of Technology

Hickman, Maria Mars Hill College

Jennings, Tionda Duquesne University

Johnson, Trishia University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Lewis, Yolanda DePaul University

Maiga, Hamchetou Old Dominion University

Melton, Carla L. University of Montevallo

Moore, Marian Fayetteville State University

Murphy, Stephanie University of Mississippi

Nickerson, Je’nine Case Western Reserve University

Prieto, Vara Dominican University

Rhodes, LaShanthi Langston University

Rosado, Kecia Long Island University

Rousseau, Alexandra Georgia Southern University

Sapp, Shanell Hunter College

Stone, Mary Spelman College

Thompson, Nykesha University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Tillman, Jana Saint Louis University

Timol, Jade Duquesne University

Williams, Elaine Rockhurst University

Williams, Jessica Central State University

Willis, Maria Fort Valley State University

Woods, Tommica Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck

Women’s Bowling

Chester, Linda Alabama State University

Jackson, Lynette Delaware State University

Lee, Mashanda Alabama State University

Prather, Kimberlie A. Alabama State University

Salaam, Fathiyyah University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Women’s CREW

Clay, Dorothy University of Miami

Gardner, Emilia Oregon State University

Lee, Jenny University of Miami

Li, Denise Mount Holyoke College


Chan, Erin Northwestern University

Chen, Pin Northwestern University

Rani, Monica Northwestern University


Beaver, Dalton Syracuse University

Sarmento, Misa O. Sweet Briar College

Scott, Michelle Stanford University

Tripp, Rickquel Bryn Mawr College

Women’s GOLF

Beautell, Maria Wake Forest University

Cho, Jeanne University of Florida

Clau, Nuria Wake Forest University

Espinoza, Adriana University of Texas, Pan American

Hannemann, Candy Duke University

Leon, Marcela San Jose State University

Margherio, Kristen Murray State University

McGee, Lisa Central State University

Okiyama, Towa University of Kentucky

Prieto, Marta Wake Forest University

Wheeler, Loren Spelman College


Gutierrez, Gina Springfield College (Mass.)

Johnson, Carlla University of Maryland College Park

Lopez, Jerra Oregon State University

Mamby, Sharene Louisiana State University

Pickens, Andree University of Alabama

Tunner, Cartny Rutgers University, New Brunswick campus


Caballero, Kristin Manhattan College

Cardoza, Kelly University of Redlands

Henrique, Daniella Howard University

Moreno, Serena University of Redlands

Tripp, Rickquel Bryn Mawr College

Women’s RIFLE

Guerra, Carol Austin Peay State University

Women’s SOCCER


Brown, Pardis University of Kansas

Cooksey, Kathy Lee Valparaiso University

Crabbe, Kacey Lynchburg College

Henrique, Daniella Howard University

Iglesias, Robyn Long Island University

Jackson, Olivia Oregon State University

Jordan, Kelly North Carolina State University

Pruitt, Lauren Howard University

Slaton, Danielle Santa Clara University

Smith, Kaprece Lynchburg College

Watson, Amanda West Valley College

Wong, Sarah University of Mississippi


Applegate, Larissa New York University

Banks, Ryanne San Jose State University

Blackwell, Kristin Wright State University

Dallis, Isis Duke University

Duran, Jerika Oregon State University

Fisher, Allyson Spelman College

Hines, Katrina Howard University

Prieto, Yara Dominican University

Robinson, Jessica Western Illinois University

Sarfo-Kantanka, Victoria Virginia Poly. Instit. & State University

Sellers, Andrea University of Florida

Williams, Stephanie Fairleigh Dickinson University

Woodward, Jennifer University of Alabama at Birmingham


Alvares, Anjulee New York University

Belgrave, Trinity University of Bridgeport

Cardoza, Kelly University of Redlands

Gibson, Donyele Sweet Briar College

Gomez, Lisa University of Miami

Hamada, Allison Oregon State University

Hernandez, Jessica San Jose State University

Martin, Teresa Wright State University

Mohsen, Ismahan Saint Louis University

Myles, Ranell Spelman College

Pressley, Melissa North Carolina State University

Roach, Marirose Temple University

Wahle, Nikki University of Kansas



Austin, Stacey Northwestern University

Bonner, Tracey Tennessee State University

Braxton, Kianna Delaware State University

Brown, Ronneshia Johnson C. Smith University

Dansby, Nicole California Polytechnic State

University — San Luis Obispo

Fernandez, Samee Hawaii Pacific University

Humphreys, Tiffani Kentucky State University

Kisaka, Emmalyn Southeast Missouri State University

Lilly, Dianna San Jose State University

Lynch, Rachel Indiana State University

Wilson, Denisha Fairmont State College


Bell, Natasha Bloomfield College

Clark, Rhoshawnnah Fayetteville State University

Donester, Jessica Norfolk State University

Kendall, Lisa Diane Valparaiso University

Khurana, Pavan Brooklyn College

Occhipinti, Nola Mount Saint Mary’s College

Ogee, Kim University of Nebraska

Parker, Wendy Benedict College

Robles, Kristi West Valley College

Sanchez, Diane Florida Atlantic University

Torres, Angela San Francisco State University


Boston, Michelline Brooklyn College

Collins, Evonda Wallace State Community College

Eubanks, Crystal Long Island University

Gonzalez, Reina El Paso Community College

Harris, Sharnell Fort Valley State University

Madrid, Alexis University of Notre Dame

Picon, Kristina Florida Atlantic University

Rhyne, Kelly L. Johnson C. Smith University

Truitt, Marilyn Alabama State University

Yoshizawa, Kimi Iowa State University


Dwyer, Brighid University of California, Los Angeles

Gonzalez, Christine California Polytechnic State University

Hong, Angela University of Louisville

Nishimoto, Iris San Francisco State University

Olson, Jill Washington State University

Riley, Toni Fairmont State College

Tibball, Karri Texas A&M University


Chavez-Geller, Nanaxni Manhattan College

Elayda, Carmille Saint Louis University

Martindale, Leah University of Florida

Nogar, Carmella Iowa State University

Rosa, Sara New York University

Solomon, Tessa H. Florida Atlantic University


Smaw, Shercoda G. Howard University

Women’s TENNIS


Araujo, Patricia Old Dominion University

Chavez-Geller, Tonatiuh Manhattan College

Deshmukh, Pooja University of Idaho

Gilliard, Ashley Spelman College

Holiday, Jennifer Mount Saint Mary’s College

Howard, Tomeka Fort Valley State University

Kannarkat, Mily Old Dominion University

Leung, Stefanie University of Alabama

Niazi, Sahra Nebraska Wesleyan University

Yano, Laura Biola University

Yoo, Susan Union College


Barreto, Bianca Hawaii Pacific University

Brown, Zarinah Austin Peay State University

Champman, Veronica Spelman College

Gong, Delquin Stony Brook University

Kabe, Nickole University of California, Irvine

Kates, Jameelah Spelman College

Miranti, Fleurette Hawaii Pacific University

Rawls, Rashida Spelman College

Rojas-Serpa, Arianna University of Akron

Thompson, Regina Delaware State University

White, Vicky University of Maryland Eastern Shore


Bull, Tanisha Kentucky State University

Joseph, Bevlynn University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Mayorga, Carolina University of Kentucky

Puga, Marisa Fairleigh Dickinson University

Scott, Toni Spelman College

Sinclair, Sheana Long Island University

Siripipat, Prim Duke University

Thorpe, Lynnelle Delaware State University

Ward, Lanita Delaware State University



Adeagbo, Simidele University of Kentucky

Anderson, Ann-Marie Mississippi State University

Appiah-Kubi, Marian Southern Illinois University

Bono, Marisa Rice University

Clinkenbeard, Cicely Washington State University

Cummings, Jean Morgan State University

DeNigris, Susan North Central College

Harper, Adelaide S. University of Wyoming

Iwasaki, Yumiko Old Dominion University

Jones, Jehan S. George Mason University

Keane-Dawes, Ronique Eastern Michigan University

Leon, Nakisha Manhattan College

Louis, Willine Delaware State University

Maycock, Ayesha Austin Peay State University

Metoyu, Seeyian Fairleigh Dickinson University

Mihaltan, Shannon E. Hastings College

Nourdeen, Kemi Texas A&M University

Reaves, Margaret Louisiana State University

Scott, Raquel University of Miami

Woolfolk, Robyn Stanford University


Akan, Nwadiuto Elon College

Allen, Jacquelin Georgia Southern University

Brown, CeCelia A. Mississippi State University

Buckner, Morgan Ferris State University

Falaiye, Modupe Rice University

Flowers, Kia Kent State University

Glenn, Brianna University of Arizona

Hill, Monica T. Furman University

Humphrey, Taffani Kentucky State University

Kearney, Sylvia Rowan University

McKie, Janay Duke University

Miller, Kimberly Northwestern University

Pegher, Stephanie New York University

Prigg, Erica University of Dayton

Randall, Oneika University of Albany

Shariff, Khadija Bucknell University

Smith, Lasha Alabama State University

Smith, Randi Washington State University

Thompson, Regina Delaware State University

Villarreal, Patricia University of Texas, Pan American

Washington, LaToya Sonoma State University


Armstrong, Vanessa Monmouth University

Baca, Kimberly University of New Mexico

Brown, Shelley University of Nebraska

Brown, Tomeca Y. University of Wyoming

Cathey, Meghan University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Fowler, Michelle Indiana State University

Gilbert, Jessica Delaware State University

Gooding, Sheena Austin Peay State University

Gordon, Kerry-Ann University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Ingleton, Andrea Mississippi State University

Jean, Raphaelle University of Albany

Mayes, Adriane Murray State University

Miller, Doella L. Meridian Community College

Montoya, Andrea University of New Mexico

Overton, Kyle University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Rhett, Esi Rutgers University

Ross, Brenda Fort Valley State University

Ross, Chaniqua University of California, Los Angeles

Tinker, Julie Stanford University

Williams, Elisha Mississippi State University


Abu-Bakir, Seidah University of Albany

Crowd, Alicia Syracuse University

Dickey, Genita Robert Morris College

Hickman, Maria Mars Hill College

Lisby, Morgan Mount Saint Mary’s College

Mack, Brandy University of Mississippi

Martinez, Anna San Jose State University

Onyeagbako, Maureen Stanford University

Pantoja, Angeles Texas A&M University

Parker, Joy Vanderbilt University

Quinn, Linneh Syracuse University

Rackley, Cinnamon San Francisco State University

Salmon, Stacey Y. Mississippi State University

Sampson, Anita University of California, Irvine

Sandlin, Shona Manhattan College

Sinclair, Hope University of Southern Mississippi

Spurlock, Danielle Stanford University

Thompson, Latricia University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Watkins, Aprelle Syracuse University

Watson, Tamieka University of Georgia


Barrow, Rasheca East Carolina University

Deadmon, Ashonti University of Missouri, Kansas City

Fletcher, Erin Stanford University

Ibe, Ada University of Missouri, Columbia

Johns, Teeka Park University

Richardson, Ellannee Washington State University

Robinson, Moushaumi University of Texas at Austin

Rudolph, Jackie Tennessee State University



Benjamin, Paige University of Washington

Boss, Erica West Valley College

Carrillo, Marcela Dominican University

Chavez, Ana Marie St. Edward’s University

Davis, Shiva Kent State University

Foxworth, Tamara University of Florida

Jennings, Kimberly Kentucky State University

Johnson, Java Morgan State University

Macon, Gabrielle Lenoir-Rhyne College

Oliveira, Denise Univ. of the District of Columbia

Villarreal, Mireya University of Texas, Pan American

Washington, Monique Delaware State University


Branford, Melissa California University of Pennsylvania

Buckner, Morgan Ferris State University

Howard, Sherra Elon College

Ivory, Dalela University of Louisville

Jones, Janelle Texas Tech University

Parker, Wendy Benedict College

Pelayo, Rozalyn Santa Clara University

Pugh, Melody Alabama State University

Reid-Webster, Kendall University of Southern Mississippi

Sant’Anna, Debbie Hawaii Pacific University

Shelton, Kimber Roberts Wesleyan College

Steele, Bridget Bowie State University


Ashley, Sierra University of Dayton

Cepero, Greichaly University of Nebraska

Dority, Willette University of Maryland

Hayden, Dionne University of Pittsburgh

Howell, Erica Kentucky State University

Olah, Meesa Murray State University

Poole, Stacey Texas Tech University

Quon, Michelle University of California, Los Angeles

Rosas, Rebekah Bryn Mawr College

Turner, Tyneka Stillman College

Walker, Aisha Presbyterian College

Witt, Brooke University of California, Irvine


Carey, Drisana Syracuse University

Douglas, Carol Nova Southeastern University

Doyle, Shannon Kent State University

Frazier, Dion Valparaiso University

Gooding, Shawna Delaware State University

Gray, Sharna Bowie State University

Johnson, Cristal Stillman College

Lewis, Robyn Stanford University

Putz, Christy Long Island University

Tibbs, Tiffany Alabama State University

Williams, Charece North Carolina State University


Lam, Tien San Diego Mesa Community College


Allen, Nuru Lindenwood University

Anglin, Gregory Eastern Michigan University

Barrios, Daniel Long Island University

Bautista, Jose Chipola Junior College

Bengochea, Enrique University of Miami

Berdecia, Carlos University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Cabrera-Valenzuela, U. Vanderbilt University

Crume, Reggie Austin Peay State University

Ferraro, Gary San Jose State University

Franco, Johnny Beloit College

Galvan, Justin El Paso Community College

Guerrero, Julio G. El Paso Community College

Isa, Fernando University of Louisville

Jones, Marcus University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma

Lacey, Jason Alabama State University

Niheu, Scott San Jose State University

Ortiz, Oziel University of Texas, Pan American

Reyes, Michael University of New Mexico

Ribas, Gabriel A. Northwestern University

Wilson, Juan St. Louis Community College, Forest Park



Edgerson, Eugene University of Arizona

Flores, Ryan St. Edward’s University

Garcia, Victor Knox College

Gold, Rashad Rose-Hulman Institute of Technlogy

Green, Marcus University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Harris, Kevin Alabama State University

Lasege, Muhammed University of Louisville

Mikl, Jiri Truman State University

Prather, Scott D. University of Hawaii, Hilo

Shaw, Demetric Kent State University

Smith, Donte Grand Valley State University

Torres, Rafael Cisco Junior College

Turner, Hajj Malik University of Louisville


Birch III, Cyrus University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Blossom, Marcus Northeastern University

Dye, Dedrick Wagner College

Hanibal, Rashad Walsh University

Hayes, Emmitt Park University

Jackson, Damion Indiana Institute of Technology

Lyman, Benjamin St. Edward’s University

Nugent, Ivan Lincoln University

Riddick, Maurice Allegany College of Maryland

Stewart, Samuel Stillman College

White, Andre Baylor University

Wilson, Kendrick Eckerd College

Yearwood, Maurice Long Island University


Barry, Mamadou Temple University

Beckett, John Eckerd College

Bey, JaJa Long Island University

Diggs, David Marquette University

Hightower, Chris Widener University

Holmes, Keenan Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Howard, Harvell L. Hendrix College

Jones, James University of Miami

Jones, Lee Long Island University

Mosby, Drake Walsh University

Naples, Joe Marian College

Powers, Ron Mount Union College

Smith, Dwayne Eckerd College

Wilks, Michael Rice University

Woods, Johnny Wesley College


Cruz, Richard Haverford College

Taylor, Runako Hunter College



Airhiavbere, Uwadiae Brown University

Banks, David L., Jr. Langston University

Bishop, Ricky University of Texas, El Paso

Craft, Archie D., II Langston University

de la Torre, Michael Texas A&M University

Ferguson, Keith Benedict College

Foster, Ben Wofford College

Franklin, Daron Langston University

Gonzalez, Joaquin University of Miami

Kingrey, Derek Cornell University

Marong, Serign Washington State University

Martin, Marion Furman University

Medley, Mario Kent State University

Northcutt, Jamil University of Mississippi

Ofili, Frank University of Toledo

Peterson, D’Undray University of West Alabama

Powell, Isaac Southeast Missouri State University

Taylor, Robert University of Louisville

Walker, Charlie Carson-Newman College

Watson, Lamar Adams State College


Booker, Edward Kent State University

Buchanan, Ryan Samford University

Chester, Jermyn Clemson University

Corea, Robert C. West Hills Community College

Croffie, Patrick University of Georgia

Green, Derek North Carolina State University

Harris, William IV Johnson C. Smith University

Hill, Marcus University of Toledo

Idewu, Wakeel Alabama State University

Johnson, A. Kyle Syracuse University

Johnson, Captian C. Langston University

Kenner, Deontey University of Cincinnati

Lockhart, Jamar Langston University

Ortega, Travis Rice University

Porter, Chris University of Texas, El Paso

Rasheed, Saleem University of Alabama

Rodriguez, Christian Texas A&M University

Solomon, Nicholas Tennessee Technological University

Stinson, Brian University of Miami

Thomas, Dontarrious Auburn University


Acie, Jarius Kent State University

Agboke, Adewale University of Louisville

Benson, Andrew Syracuse University

Buggs, Walter S., Jr. Alabama State University

Carter, David Delaware State University

Coleman, Eric University of Minnesota, Morris

Franco, Johnny Beloit College

Griffin, Kelvin Benedict College

Hammock, Thomas Northern Illinois University

Hutchins, Von University of Mississippi

King, Kenny University of Alabama

Lumumba, Menelek Colorado College

Matthie, Marc College of William & Mary

Mesley, Dwight University of Michigan

Scott, Deric University of Southern Mississippi

Toussaint, Ashley Wayne State College

Weathersby, Dennis Oregon State University

Wilson, Juan St. Louis Community College, Forest Park

Wormer, Brandon Concordia University

Yarberough, Phil Lafayette College

Men’s GOLF

Bebe, Ryan Dominican University

Benedetti, Camilo University of Florida

Deacon, Sean Oregon State University

Deacon, Todd Oregon State University

Scott, David Central State University

Sherlock, Quinton Alabama State University

Singh, K. B. New York University



Ching, Brian Gonzaga University

Dowe, Rufus University of Akron

Foster, Dave Park University

Justino, Charles University at Albany

Larmond, Bunnyray Wright State University

McClendon, Jamal Duke University

McKnight, Reginald Notre Dame University

Quinn, Connor Gonzaga University

Woolfolk, Corey Stanford University

Yabar, Goran University of Louisville


Bebe, Ryan Dominican University

Burris, Otis Campbell University

Campos, Elmer Long Island University

Colacion, Aaron University of California, Irvine

Harris, Isiah Duke University

Maliza, Johanes Stanford University

Rabbon, Eric Cosumnes River College

Westbay, Caleb University of California, Los Angeles

Williams, Andrew Earlham College


Fareed, Morad New York University

Fuenmayor, Felipe Park University

Gomez, Ed Dominican University

Lujan, Edmundo University of Akron

McLaren, Brandon University at Albany

Michel, Dave Haverford College

Moore, Anthony Columbia College

Morales, Aldo Long Island University

Willis, Kendal Indiana University


Fraser, Omar Tarik Auburn University

Fung-A-Wing, Mike University of Georgia

Jimenez, Mike Iowa State University

Lopez, Daniel Truman State University

Molari, Ricardo University of Florida

Odendaal, Hendrik University of Florida

Rodas, Conrado University of Louisville



Bascome, D.C. Temple University

Brown, Justin T. University of Indianapolis

Delfin, Luis Austin Peay State University

Dokes, Keith Kentucky State University

Espinosa, John Manhattan College

Gupta, Anil Union College

Lawrence, Jason Fort Valley State University

Lopez, Oscar Austin Peay State University

Munoz, Raul Wake Forest University

O’Connor, Sean M. Baylor University

Sanders, Darius Delaware State University

Sealy, Shane North Carolina State University

Smart, Ramon York College (NY)


Bawono, Edo University of Kentucky

Dillay, Krishane Temple University

Faerman, Fabio Florida Atlantic University

Hoyt, Marion York College (NY)

Joseph, Lesley University of Georgia

Judson, Rashad University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Khurana, Pavan Brooklyn College

Ma, Christopher University of California, Irvine

Mohammed, Salman Old Dominion University

Netzler, Peter Furman University

Wells, Joseph E., II Delaware State University



Brooks, Patrick Lamar University

Clark, Frank Monmouth College

Delfin, Luis Austin Peay State University

Goklish, Kyle Central Arizona College

Jones, Alvin University of Pittsburgh

Jones, Brandon University of Delaware

Logan, Tim University of Nebraska

Lokale, Michael Virginia Military Institute

McGhie, Alain Long Island University

Montoro, Felipe University of California, Santa Barbara

Nikbakhsh-Tali, Justin Washington State University

Noble, Karl University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Robbins, Anthony Alabama State University

Shorter, Xavier Alabama State University

Webb, Jason Alabama State University


Bailey, Omar N. George Mason University

Boykins, Anthony R. Indiana State University

Hoyt, Marlon York College (NY)

Ingram, Jauron Citadel

Jackson, Terrell Rutgers University

Lee, Jonathon University of Colorado, Boulder

Mbayen, Joseph University of Miami

Osabutey, Emmanuel University of Southern Mississippi

Pierre, Junior Hunter College

Romo, Luis Arturo Fullerton Community College

Sheffield, Jonathan Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Sims, Leroy Stanford University

Swamidass, Santosh University of California, Irvine

Tolbert, Jeremiah West Valley College

Wachiea, Peter University of the District of Columbia


Abdolrasulnia, Mazi College of William & Mary

Ambrose, Gavin Southeast Missouri State University

Annabi, Karim New York University

Daley, George University of Southern Mississippi

Edmundson, Ronald University at Albany

Jackson, Mark Long Island University

Jones, Eric Syracuse University

Jones, Sean Tennessee State University

Koech, Japheth University of Alabama

Ladapo, Patrick Wake Forest University

Lagat, Geoffrey Middle Tennessee University

Mutai, Christopher University of Alabama

Thompson, Marcus University at Albany

Walters, Tavaris Delaware State University

Willis, Kendal Indiana University


Acie, Joel Robert Morris College

Marts, Luke Texas A&M University

Perkins, Issac Kent State University

Petty, Richard University of Texas, El Paso

Prescod, Samuel Syracuse University

Rodriques, Alix University at Albany

Singleton, Paul Wake Forest University

Walwyn, Vaughn Rice University


Aristodemou, Christakis York College (NY)

Bebe, Ryan Dominican University

Cheema, Amarpreet Park University

Gomez, Ed Dominican University

Hoyt, Marion Damion York College (NY)

Ramirez, Ivan Saint Francis College

Smart, Ramon York College (NY)


Barron, Paul Oregon State University

Marcantel, William Northwestern University

McNeil, Arthur University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Oldham, Mike New York University

College Sports: By the Numbers

Minority students maintain a strong presence in the realm of college sports. In the mid ’90s, they comprised nearly 38 percent of male Division I student-athletes and nearly 22 percent of female Division I student-athletes. In addition, half of the student-athletes for revenue sports are African American. The numbers, however, shift dramatically when looking at minority representation in sports administration and coaching. And they take an even more dramatic turn when historically Black colleges and universities are taken out of the picture. Black head coaches are still a smaller percentage overall than Black student-athletes. And considering that between 1995 and 1999 there was no increase in overall African American representation in either administrative or in head coaching positions, the outlook for the immediate future is bleak.


All Sport — Division I

Male Student-Athletes ’96-’97 ’91-’92

White 62.3% 66.2%

Black 26.2% 26.5%

Latino 3.1% 2.5%

Amer. Indian/-Alaskan-Amer. 0.5% 0.3%

Other(*) 7.9% 4.5%

Female Student-Athletes ’96-’97 ’91-’92

White 78.2% 79.8%

Black 11.1% 12.8%

Latino 2.8% 2.2%

Amer. Indian/-Alaskan-Amer. 0.5% 0.3%

Other(*) 7.4% 4.9%

(*) = Includes Asian and

Non-Resident Aliens

Note: Historically Black Institutions


Male Student-Athletes

Select Sports Programs — Division I


’96-’97 ’91-’92 ’96-’97 ’91-’92

White 33.8% 34.5% 46.9% 53.2%

Black 57.3% 61.8% 47.6% 42.7%

Latino 1.5% 61.8% 1.9% 1.4%

Other(*) 7.3% 0.8% 3.6% 2.7%


’96-’97 ’91-’92

White 89.5% 90.0%

Black 3.0% 4.3%

Latino 4.3% 3.9%

Other(*) 3.2% 1.8%

(*) = Includes Asian, American Indian/Alaskan American and

Non-Resident Aliens.

Note: Historically Black Institutions excluded



Female Student-Athletes

Select Sports Program — Division I


’96-’97 ’91-’92

White 60.5 65.0

Black 30.7 31.0

Latino 1.8 1.4

Other(*) 7.0 2.6

(*) = Does not include Asian and Non-Resident Aliens.

Note: Historically Black Institutions excluded

Comparison of African American Student-Athletes to All



Overall — Division I 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98

Total Student-Athletes 63,432 64,779 66,938

African American Student-Athletes 15,786 15,679 15,182

Percentage African American 24.9 24.2 22.7

Revenue Sports(*) — Division I

Total Student-Athletes 22,115 22,082 21,868

African American Student-Athletes 11,265 11,106 10,689

Percentage African American 50.9 50.3 48.9


Overall — Division I 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98

Total Student-Athletes 60,489 61,652 63,854

African American Student-Athletes 12,980 12,754 12,098

Percentage African American 21.50 20.70 18.90

Revenue Sports(*)- Division I

Total Student-Athletes 20,583 20,476 20,342

African American Student-Athletes 9,769 9,508 9,216

Percentage African American 47.5 46.4 45.3

* Revenue sports include football, men’s and women’s basketball

Data compiled from the NCAA Graduation Rates Report

Note: Around half of the student-athletes for revenue sports

are African American.


ATHLETICS PERSONNEL: The NCAA Minority Opportunities and

Interests Committee’s Two-Year Study


NCAA HEAD Coaches — By Sport (1992-2000) (HBCUs included)

Men’s Teams



of head

coaches Men Women Men Women

Baseball 809 756 0 24 0

Basketball 932 766 0 154 0

Cross Country 792 635 54 70 8

Fencing 39 29 5 2 0

Football 581 532 0 44 0

Golf 675 634 12 21 0

Gymnastics 27 22 0 1 0

Ice Hockey 130 130 0 0 0

Lacrosse 192 185 0 4 0

Rifle 36 34 1 0 0

Skiing 40 37 3 0 0

Soccer 685 617 4 33 0

Swimming 376 314 54 2 0

Tennis 730 605 44 46 4

Track, Indoor 494 393 17 69 3

Track, Outdoor 595 470 21 83 4

Volleyball 86 58 6 5 1

Water Polo 43 40 0 0 0

Wrestling 229 209 0 11 0

Other 89 74 9 1 0

Totals 7,580 6,540 230 570 20

Percentage of Total 86.3% 3.0% 7.5% 0.3%


Men Women

Baseball 29 0

Basketball 12 0

Cross Country 22 3

Fencing 3 0

Football 5 0

Golf 8 0

Gymnastics 4 0

Ice Hockey 0 0

Lacrosse 3 0

Rifle 1 0

Skiing 0 0

Soccer 31 0

Swimming 5 1

Tennis 27 4

Track, Indoor 11 1

Track, Outdoor 15 2

Volleyball 16 0

Water Polo 3 0

Wrestling 9 0

Other 5 0

Totals 209 11

Percentage of Total 2.8% 0.1%




NCAA Division Head Coaches — By Race (1997-1998)

Black head coaches are still a smaller percentage than Black student-athletes


White: 96.7%

Black: 0.4%

Other: 2.9%


Note: Table made from a pie chart.

Football (Div. IA)

White: 92.2%

Black: 7.8%

Other: 0%


Note: Table from a pie chart.


White: 79.9%

Black: 19.4%

Other: 0.7%


Note: Table made from a pie chart.

U.S. Professional Sports

Head Coaches — 1998


Percent Number Percent Number

White 60% 6 78% 7

Black 40 4 22 2

Latino 0 0 0 0

Asian 0 0 0 0

Women 70 7 78 7

Head Coaches and Managers — 1997-98


Percent Number Percent Number Percent Number

White 83% 24 90% 27 87% 26

Black 17 5(*) 10 3 10 3

Latino 0 0 0 0 3 1

Asian 0 0 0 0 0 0

Women 0 0 0 0 0 0

Head Coaches and Managers — 1997-98


Percent Number Percent Number

White 100% 26 67% 8

Black 0 0 0 0

Latino 0 0 33 4

Asian 0 0 0 0

Women 0 0 0 0






at NCAA Member Institutions


Position 1995 1999 Change

Overall Percentage

(953 institutions; 48 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 7.5% 7.1% -0.4%

Associate Director of Athletics 8.2 7.1 -1.1

Assistant Director of Athletics 8.5 7.9 -0.6

Senior Woman Administrator 9.1 8.7 -0.4

Academic Adviser 20.9 21.7 0.8

Overall(*) 8.4 8.7 0.3

Division I Percentages

(303 institutions; 20 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 10.1% 7.5% -2.6%

Associate Director of Athletics 9.1 7.6 -1.5

Assistant Director of Athletics 9.5 9.9 0.4

Senior Woman Administrator 8.4 11.0 2.6

Academic Adviser 22.8 24.0 1.2

Overall(*) 9.0 10.1 1.1

Division II Percentages

(269 institutions; 25 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 10.8% 11.0% 0.2%

Associate Director of Athletics 9.8 7.3 -2.5

Assistant Director of Athletics 7.3 6.4 -0.9

Senior Woman Administrator 17.1 11.4 -5.7

Academic Adviser 15.1 15.3 0.2

Overall(*) 11.4 9.9 -1.5

Division III Percentages

(380 institutions; 3 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 3.4% 4.2% 0.8%

Associate Director of Athletics 2.9 4.3 1.4

Assistant Director of Athletics 6.1 4.3 -1.8

Senior Woman Administrator 2.3 4.5 2.2

Academic Adviser 10.5 12.5 2.0

Overall(*) 4.0 4.6 0.6


Position 1995 1999 Change

Overall Percentage

(953 institutions; 48 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 2.7% 2.9% 0.2%

Associate Director of Athletics 6.1 5.6 -0.5

Assistant Director of Athletics 6.7 6.5 -0.2

Senior Woman Administrator 3.2 4.5 1.3

Academic Adviser 18.2 19.6 1.4

Overall(*) 5.1 6.1 1.0

Division I Percentages

(303 institutions; 20 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 3.7% 2.4% -1.3%

Associate Director of Athletics 7.2 6.2 -1.0

Assistant Director of Athletics 8.0 8.4 0.4

Senior Woman Administrator 2.4 6.0 3.6

Academic Adviser 20.5 22.4 1.9

Overall(*) 6.2 7.9 1.7

Division II Percentages

(269 institutions; 25 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 2.5% 2.8% 0.3%

Associate Director of Athletics 4.0 2.2 -1.8

Assistant Director of Athletics 3.1 3.3 0.2

Senior Woman Administrator 5.7 4.3 -1.4

Academic Adviser 6.3 8.7 2.4

Overall(*) 3.8 3.8 0.0

Division III Percentages

(380 institutions; 3 HBCUs)

Director of Athletics 2.1% 3.5% 1.4%

Associate Director of Athletics 2.9 4.3 1.4

Assistant Director of Athletics 5.6 4.3 -1.3

Senior Woman Administrator 2.3 3.3 1.0

Academic Adviser 10.5 10.9 0.4

Overall(*) 3.3 3.8 0.5

(*) = All athletics administrative staff





(including HBCUs)

Number of


Director of Athletics 995

Assoc. Dir of Athletics 896

Assistant Dir. of Athletics 1,283

Senior Woman Administrator 819

Admin. Assistant 1,319

Academic Adviser 962

Business Manager 551

Compliance Coordinator/Officer 804

Equipment Manager 916

Fund Raiser/Devt. Manager 588

Facility Manager 757

Faculty Athletics Rep. 974

Promotions/Marketing Manager 514

Sports Information Director 952

Asst./Assoc. Director of Sports Info. 621

Strength Coaches 801

Ticket Manager 494

Head Athletics Trainer 987

Asst./Assoc. Athletic Trainer 1,274

Graduate Assistant 1,361

Intern 513

Other 743

Totals 19,124

Percentage of total


Men Women Men Women

Director of Athletics 746 159 61 10

Assoc. Dir of Athletics 523 295 40 23

Assistant Dir. of Athletics 781 369 75 27

Senior Woman Administrator 6 723 0 71

Admin. Assistant 142 959 18 113

Academic Adviser 329 388 126 83

Business Manager 254 218 31 22

Compliance Coordinator/Officer 360 327 51 44

Equipment Manager 647 109 90 11

Fund Raiser/Devt. Manager 412 128 23 10

Facility Manager 537 115 62 6

Faculty Athletics Rep. 682 201 54 11

Promotions/Marketing Manager 346 120 26 7

Sports Information Director 784 110 37 7

Asst./Assoc. Director of Sports Info. 397 177 7 16

Strength Coaches 596 79 89 8

Ticket Manager 212 216 22 21

Head Athletics Trainer 673 256 22 8

Asst./Assoc. Athletic Trainer 584 597 25 22

Graduate Assistant 720 485 86 33

Intern 243 180 35 33

Other 346 250 68 34

Totals 10,320 6,461 1,048 620

Percentage of total 54.0% 33.8% 5.5% 3.2%



Men Women Men Women

Director of Athletics 17 2 824 171

Assoc. Dir of Athletics 9 6 572 324

Assistant Dir. of Athletics 18 13 874 409

Senior Woman Administrator 4 15 10 809

Admin. Assistant 13 74 173 1,146

Academic Adviser 17 19 472 490

Business Manager 12 14 297 254

Compliance Coordinator/Officer 12 10 423 381

Equipment Manager 46 13 783 133

Fund Raiser/Devt. Manager 9 6 444 144

Facility Manager 34 3 633 124

Faculty Athletics Rep. 22 4 758 216

Promotions/Marketing Manager 9 6 381 133

Sports Information Director 9 5 830 122

Asst./Assoc. Director of Sports Info. 13 11 417 204

Strength Coaches 26 3 711 90

Ticket Manager 7 16 241 253

Head Athletics Trainer 26 2 721 266

Asst./Assoc. Athletic Trainer 26 20 635 639

Graduate Assistant 25 12 831 530

Intern 15 7 293 220

Other 24 21 438 305

Totals 393 282 11,761 7,363

Percentage of total 2.1% 1.5% 61.5% 38.5%

(*) = Other Minority includes Asian-American, Hispanic,

American Indian and Other.





While all student-athletes can claim an affiliation with a college or university at one time, not all will be able to say that they graduated from that respective institution. The following tables show the percentage of student-athletes who graduated from institutions in 9 athletic conferences. Even though only those who received athletic aid are included in these figures, the total percentages — ranging from 93 percent to 21 percent — reveal a huge gap between some schools.


Institution Who Graduated

* Big Ten Conference

Northwestern University 93%

Pennsylvania State University 78%

Purdue University 72%

University of Iowa 71%

University of Michigan 68%

Indiana University, Bloomington 66%

University of Minnesota,

Twin Cities 65%

University of Illinois, Champaign 65%

Michigan State University 56%

University of Wisconsin,

Madison 55%

Ohio State University 50%

* Conference USA

Marquette University 78%

Saint Louis University 72%

East Carolina University 62%

Texas Christian University 62%

DePaul University 62%

University of Memphis 59%

University of Southern Miss. 52%

Tulane University 48%

University of South Florida 48%

University of Cincinnati 46%

University of Louisville 44%

University of North Carolina,

Charlotte 43%

University of Alabama,

Birmingham 38%

University of Houston 22%

US Military Academy NA

* Big Twelve Conference

Baylor University 74%

Iowa State University 66%

Texas A&M University, College

Station 63%

University of Nebraska, Lincoln 60%

University of Missouri, Columbia 57%

University of Colorado, Boulder 57%

Kansas State University 56%

University of Kansas 54%

University of Texas, Austin 51%

Texas Tech University 48%

University of Oklahoma 46%

Oklahoma State University 43%

* Atlantic Coast Conference

Duke University 89%

University of North Carolina,

Chapel Hill 78%

University of Virginia 78%

Wake Forest University 75%

North Carolina State University 62%

University of Maryland, College

Park 61%

Florida State University 51%

Clemson University 50%

Georgia Institute of Technology 47%

* Southeastern Conference

Vanderbilt University 75%

University of Georgia 72%

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 70%

University of Mississippi 67%

Auburn University 65%

Mississippi State University 63%

University of South Carolina,

Columbia 59%

University of Tennessee, Knoxville 59%

Louisiana State University 52%

University of Kentucky 48%

University of Florida 48%

University of Arkansas,

Fayetteville 31%

* PAC-Ten Conference

Stanford University 87%

University of California,

Los Angeles 68%

University of Washington 64%

University of California, Berkeley 62%

Washington State University 60%

University of Southern California 59%

University of Oregon 54%

University of Arizona 52%

Arizona State University 48%

Oregon State University 43%

* Big East Conference

Georgetown University 93%

University of Notre Dame 92%

Providence College 84%

Boston College 83%

Syracuse University 75%

Villanova University 74%

St. John’s University (New York) 68%

University of Connecticut 66%

West Virginia University 66%

Rutgers, The State University of

New Jersey, New Brunswick 65%

Seton Hall University 63%

University of Pittsburgh 62%

Temple University 56%

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

and State University 47%

University of Miami 43%

* Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference

South Carolina State University 69%

Hampton University 67%

Howard University 66%

Morgan State University 58%

University of Maryland Eastern

Shore 55%

North Carolina A&T State University 45%

Coppin State College 41%

Bethune-Cookman College 40%

Delaware State University 39%

Norfolk State University 31%

Florida A&M University 30%

* Southwestern Conference

Alabama A&M University 58%

Grambling State University 56%

Alcorn State University 49%

Jackson State University 43%

University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff 40%

Southern University, Baton Rouge 36%

Alabama State University 31%

Texas Southern University 23%

Mississippi Valley State University 21%

Prairie View A&M University NA

(*)Total No.

Institution Student-Athletes of


* Big Ten Conference

Northwestern University 60 56

Pennsylvania State University 89 69

Purdue University 67 48

University of Iowa 72 51

University of Michigan 74 50

Indiana University, Bloomington 68 45

University of Minnesota,

Twin Cities 89 58

University of Illinois, Champaign 55 36

Michigan State University 102 57

University of Wisconsin,

Madison 69 38

Ohio State University 84 42

* Conference USA

Marquette University 45 35

Saint Louis University 39 28

East Carolina University 79 49

Texas Christian University 53 33

DePaul University 26 16

University of Memphis 58 34

University of Southern Miss. 58 30

Tulane University 42 20

University of South Florida 42 20

University of Cincinnati 65 30

University of Louisville 63 28

University of North Carolina,

Charlotte 40 17

University of Alabama,

Birmingham 29 11

University of Houston 55 12

US Military Academy NA NA

* Big Twelve Conference

Baylor University 47 35

Iowa State University 83 55

Texas A&M University, College

Station 68 43

University of Nebraska, Lincoln 73 44

University of Missouri, Columbia 53 30

University of Colorado, Boulder 49 28

Kansas State University 41 23

University of Kansas 65 35

University of Texas, Austin 72 37

Texas Tech University 54 26

University of Oklahoma 92 42

Oklahoma State University 65 28

* Atlantic Coast Conference

Duke University 53 47

University of North Carolina,

Chapel Hill 90 70

University of Virginia 69 54

Wake Forest University 69 52

North Carolina State University 74 46

University of Maryland, College

Park 61 37

Florida State University 74 38

Clemson University 94 47

Georgia Institute of Technology 53 25

* Southeastern Conference

Vanderbilt University 53 40

University of Georgia 69 50

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 60 42

University of Mississippi 48 32

Auburn University 75 49

Mississippi State University 43 27

University of South Carolina,

Columbia 63 37

University of Tennessee, Knoxville 58 34

Louisiana State University 79 41

University of Kentucky 89 43

University of Florida 67 32

University of Arkansas,

Fayetteville 52 16

* PAC-Ten Conference

Stanford University 69 60

University of California,

Los Angeles 72 49

University of Washington 75 48

University of California, Berkeley 66 41

Washington State University 62 37

University of Southern California 44 26

University of Oregon 57 31

University of Arizona 58 30

Arizona State University 44 21

Oregon State University 47 47

* Big East Conference

Georgetown University 30 28

University of Notre Dame 84 77

Providence College 37 31

Boston College 64 53

Syracuse University 61 46

Villanova University 46 34

St. John’s University (New York) 56 38

University of Connecticut 71 47

West Virginia University 68 45

Rutgers, The State University of

New Jersey, New Brunswick 93 60

Seton Hall University 32 20

University of Pittsburgh 52 32

Temple University 77 43

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

and State University 47 22

University of Miami 42 18

* Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference

South Carolina State University 26 18

Hampton University 12 8

Howard University 44 29

Morgan State University 52 30

University of Maryland Eastern

Shore 22 12

North Carolina A&T State University 40 18

Coppin State College 29 12

Bethune-Cookman College 60 24

Delaware State University 44 17

Norfolk State University 32 10

Florida A&M University 46 14

* Southwestern Conference

Alabama A&M University 26 15

Grambling State University 39 22

Alcorn State University 45 22

Jackson State University 40 17

University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff 35 14

Southern University, Baton Rouge 45 16

Alabama State University 52 16

Texas Southern University 22 5

Mississippi Valley State University 29 6

Prairie View A&M University NA NA

(*) These figures represents six-year graduation rates for students

who entered in 1993-1994 and received athletics aid for the entire



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COPYRIGHT 2001 Gale Group