Regional forum Websites

Regional forum Websites

Mikusch, Rita

A Regional Forum was recently established to promote the needs and interests of members living and working outside the Lower Mainland. For these members and the Institute, the forum provides an opportunity for the promotion of the CA brand locally, the discussion of common issues (as well as issues local to each region), recruitment at community colleges and universities, and feedback on Council’s ends and strategic plans.

Regional Websites

To help further the Regional Forum’s goals, it’s been suggested that websites be created for each of the member regions. These websites would be used to create two-way communication between each region,s members, as well as between each region and the Institute.

Each region would elect one or more “moderators” to be responsible for adding content of interest to their members. New technology would be used to allow these moderators to add content to the websites without needing to know the first thing about Internet technologies or programming. (Well, okay, you’d need to know how to “surf the net” and be comfortable with computers!) It would essentially be no more difficult than writing a memo in Microsoft Word.

The Institute would also contribute content on items of interest to the regions, such as information on the many far-reaching changes occurring in the profession, information on Council’s ends and strategies, and many other documents that the local CA associations and Institute members would find useful.


Is a regional website something you and your local CA association would find useful? Would you like to get involved in this process? The Regional Forum will begin discussing these regional websites in their upcoming meeting this fall. Please give us your feedback.

We’d also appreciate feedback on the websites’ content and implementation. Tell us what you’d find useful on a regional website. Some of the ideas we’ve received thus far include a section on human resources policies and information on a particular region and its attractions (a great tool for attracting new students and CAs to the region).

By Rita Mikusch, Webmaster

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