Chef Benson at home – Leif Benson

Chef Benson at home – Leif Benson – Brief Article

Leif Benson, who has been executive chef at Timberline Lodge for 23 years, occasionally uses his family to test out new ideas for the lodge menu. His wife, Shelby, and their four children, ranging in age from 5 to 16, have a variety of food preferences. “One thing I always like to do is go for the wow factor,” Leif says. “A little extra spice or herb can make an incredible difference in flavor.”

At home, however, the younger children like foods with a little more subtle flavor. So to accommodate those who like a bit more zip in their meals, Benson often sets out a range of condiments, including spices and a variety of hot sauces. “That way, they can grind, shake, or drizzle on that extra flavor.”

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