Calculating Costs of Securing a High-Rise Building

Calculating Costs of Securing a High-Rise Building

Regina Kwon

A high rise may seem an oasis of calm compared with

the bustle of city streets: The entrances are finite and

population controlled; cameras and card readers record

movement; and the range of activities taking place is limited.

But a basic security challenge—how to use data to

predict as well as explain crimes—is the same, whether

the area being protected is an office or a neighborhood.


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In this example, badging and video systems record

who is doing what in a 20-story multi-tenant building and

its adjoining garden and underground parking lot. Security

staff located in the building’s command center use

an access-control application to manage the data, construct

activity logs, prioritize events and broadcast information

to staff on patrol. The software incorporates data

from the digital video, alarm, intercom and RF systems;

it can also be connected to personnel databases in real

time. Tenants will be able to access subsets of information

using browser-based clients.

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