Eureka! The Price of Oil Finally Pays Off

Eureka! The Price of Oil Finally Pays Off

Dave Kovaleski

Byline: Dave Kovaleski

With fuel prices skyrocketing, oil is almost a four-letter word these days as far as consumers and travelers are concerned.

But the Loews Denver Hotel is doing its part to turn a negative into a positive. From now through February, the hotel is running a promotion called “The Great Airline Fuel Surcharge Rebate.”

All guests who present airline ticket receipts with dates that correspond to their stay will receive a rebate of the cost of a barrel of oil – which is currently hovering around $50 – based on a minimum 2-night stay. It’s open to association groups as long as they don’t have a contracted rate in place.

Last summer, the hotel held a related promotion, “The Great Summer Gas Rebate,” which aimed to offset the rising cost of gas, says Vanessa Amador, account executive at Quinn and Co., New York, N.Y., the public relations firm that created the campaign. “This was quite a success and we were eager to implement a similar package when fuel costs began affecting prices consumers were paying for airline travel,” she says.

Now, if only the airlines could get a rebate on oil, their problems might be solved, too.

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