Aiming High – Brief Article

Aiming High – Brief Article – Editorial

In our first issue of 2000, I to helping you cope in their space a promised to “dedicate the year to helping you cope with the velocity of change. We’re going to bring you cogent, synthesized content that targets your information needs as non-for-profit organization revolution.”

Looking back as the year draws to a close, I think we’ve done a good job of delivering on that promise. Some highlights: a Q&A with Fast Company’s Bill Taylor on how the New Economy affects associations and their meetings; a look at how CVBs are mutating in response to the explosion of Internet-based meeting and trade show planning tools; a cover story with ASAE’s CEO Mike Olson calling on associations to face their biggest challenge in 200 years-how to deal with the dot-coin competitors; and interviews with former planner and hotel executives who have jumped ship for dot-coin companies.

And in this issue we take a look at another phenomenon arising out of dot-com competition: “just-in-time meetings,” as I’ve dubbed them. We’ve dialed in on a meeting put on by Fusion Productions’ Hugh Lee and Disney’s George Aguel in partnership with ASAE. With a four-month planning window, it’s the type of “happening” more association event planners will find themselves engineering as not-for-profits begin to address the information and networking needs of their members in a more “for-profit” manner.

We’ve set our editorial sights high this year, but the velocity of change has been so tremendous that, frankly, keeping up with developments, let alone understanding their ramifications, has been daunting.

Case in point: We started the year delving into the pros and cons of “portal” builders, companies like eSociety, an applications service provider that has built robust Web sites for education, commerce, and community-building for several high-profile associations. Well, eSociety, we learned at press time, is no longer in business, having tapped out venture capital resources in less than two years. What this means for their existing clients and whether there will be more shakeouts in dot-coin land is something we will be focusing on in our next issue.

We’ll keep aiming high. You keep staying tuned. And meanwhile, warm wishes for the holiday season.

Regina McGee

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