THE ASEE publications department was recognized by the national publication and design community with 13 national awards over the past year.

* The Society of National Association Publications (SNAP) gave ASEE’s guidebook for high school students, Engineering, Go For It!, its Gold Excel Award in the Special Publications-Special Reports category. The judges said the guidebook was “engaging” and that “[the] writers knew their audience, and the piece is a comprehensive guide.”

* Prism was awarded two Distinguished Achievement Awards for Excellence in Educational Publication by the American Association of Educational Publishers (AEP). “Munching on Hazardous Waste,” November 2003, won the Design-Cover-Adult category, and “The Phoenix Man,” September 2003, won the Photograph-Adult category. AEP also named “Proceed with Caution,” October 2003, a finalist in the Design-Article category, and Engineering, Go For It! a finalist in the Whole Publication-Special Publication category.

* The American Association of University Professors selected “An Unsettling State of Affairs,” by Corinna Wu, as a finalist for the 2004 Iris Molotsky Award for Excellence in Coverage of Higher Education,

* Prism also received the following 2004 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence;

* Contents and Letters Pages: February 2004 Contents

* Design and Layout: Opening a New Book,” February 2004

* Covers: January 2004 Cover

* Personality Profiles: “The Phoenix Man,” September 2003, by Warren Cohen,

* Magazines & JournalsPrinted Four Color: January 2004

* Feature Writing: “Down and Out in Afghanistan,” February 2003, by Thomas Grose,

* Magazine & Journal Writing: March 2004

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