Free Interactive 3-D Graphics

Free Interactive 3-D Graphics

Gibney, Kate

If you have Internet access and a PC equipped with Windows 95 or the Windows NT 4.0 operating system, you can download a free interactive 3-D graphics programming environment called Alice. A Carnegie Mellon research team developed the program to allow users without a background in computer science to author 3-D graphics. Alice is not a 3-D modeler but rather a scripting environment for 3-D object behavior. The program comes with a built-in library of 3-D objects, including simple shapes like a ball and more complicated ones like a rabbit that resembles the Energizer Bunny. Users write scripts detailing what these objects should do and how they should respond to commands.

To download a free copy of Alice, access -alice. The Carnegie Mellon team asks only that users send copies of the animations they create back to the university.

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