Support operations course now a better bargain

Support operations course now a better bargain – News

The Army Logistics Management College’s (ALMC’s) Support Operations Course (SOC) now is available more often and costs the unit less.

In December, ALMC opened a new SOC training facility that will offer as many as 10 SOC classes per year–double the number that have been offered in the past. The new Military Training Service Support (MTSS) program requires the training facility to pick up the tab for student lodging, meals, and local transportation, so the training costs less for the unit sending the student.

SOC teaches multifunctional tactical logistics to officers and senior noncommissioned officers (sergeants first class and above). It provides the tools to lead and execute sustainment support tied to maneuver in small-scale contingencies as well as in a major theater of war. Students learn what doctrine is and how tactics, techniques, and procedures affect their ability to provide logistics in the field. SOC is taught in two phases; the first phase is correspondence based, and the second is classroom based.

For more information on the course and how to enroll, visit the SOC Web site at TLLDD/ALMC-SO/index.asp, send an email to, or call (804) 765-0248/4359 or DSN 539-0248/4359.


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