Logistics support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Logistics support of Operation Iraqi Freedom – Brief Article

On 20 March, a multinational coalition began operations to liberate the Iraqi people, eliminate Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and end the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Some 2 weeks later, Lieutenant General John P. Abizaid, Deputy Commander (Forward) of the Combined Forces Command/U.S. Central Command, observed, “I’m certain that when the history of this campaign is written, people will look at this move that the land forces have made in this amount of time as being not only a great military accomplishment, but an incredible logistics accomplishment.”

The photos on these pages provide a look at some of the logistics support the Army provided to the coalition’s warfighters in the first weeks of the operation.

[] A soldier at Champion Main, Kuwait, performs preventive maintenance checks and services on a 105-millimeter howitzer.


[] A soldier fills water bags on a donkey for Iraqi children at a water distribution point in Central Iraq.


[] A Marine Corps light armored vehicle provides security for an Army convoy transporting supplies to the fighting forces.


[] Boxes of meals, ready to eat, destined for soldiers participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom are carried into a supply tent in Kuwait.


[] Soldiers at Ali Al Saleem, Kuwait, rig bundles of humanitarian daily rations for airdrop into Iraq.



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