FCS test site announced

FCS test site announced

The Army announced in January that Fort Bliss, Texas, will be the location for the Evaluation Brigade Combat Team (EBCT) that will test and evaluate Future Combat Systems (FCS) technology. Fort Bliss was selected because of its proximity to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, which has the land, airspace, and facilities needed to train Soldiers to train and evaluate and test FCS capabilities.

The FCS program consists of 18 manned and unmanned systems connected by a secure network designed to enhance Soldiers’ capabilities. It is the core of the Army’s modernization program.

The EBCT’s mission will be to evaluate FCS operational concepts while training Soldiers on FCS equipment in realistic environments and to provide continuous feedback that will allow the Army to determine what adjustments and improvements are needed. The EBCT, which will be created from a 1st Armored Division heavy brigade combat team, will be ready to begin FCS evaluation in June 2007. The first fully equipped FCS unit is expected to be operational in 2014.


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