Combat Support Brigade debuts in active Army

Combat Support Brigade debuts in active Army

The first Active Army combat support brigade (maneuver enhancement) was activated at Fort Polk, Louisiana, on 2 October. This new unit–the 1st Combat Support Brigade (Maneuver Enhancement)–will be one of 23 combat support brigades (maneuver enhancement) [CSBs (ME)] the Army plans to create, with 4 in the Active Army, 16 in the Army National Guard, and 3 in the Army Reserve.

The new organization is one of five types of multifunctional support brigades that will be established under the transformation to the modular force. The others are the sustainment brigade, battlefield surveillance brigade, combat aviation brigade, and fires brigade.

The CSB (ME) is designed to provide maneuver support to combat forces. Its force structure will be tailored to meet mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, and civil considerations (METT-TC) requirements. Its organic structure includes a headquarters and headquarters company, a signal company, and a brigade support battalion with a support maintenance company and a distribution company. Other units, such as military police, engineer, signal, chemical, explosive ordnance disposal, and civil affairs, will be assigned or attached to, or placed under the operational control of, the CSB (ME) as needed.

The tailored CSB (ME) will act as a command and control element for a number of tasks–some usually performed at the division level–including such tasks as rear area operations, terrain and airspace management, force and convoy route protection, infrastructure development, and force mobility assurance.


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