Update on the Joint Network Management System

Update on the Joint Network Management System

Russell Benoit

The Joint Network Management System planning and management functionalities are being separated in the next software release (Version 1.4). The overall system footprint will also be reduced by implementing the software on laptop computers; replacing the transit cased mounted servers. The software is currently in contractor Functional Qualification Testing in Piscataway, N.J. The FQT is scheduled for completion in February 2007. The Army’s Test and Evaluation Command will then conduct an independent government assessment of the new software baselines using military communications planners and managers. Upon successful completion of the Government Assessment, the JNMS Product Manager, NetOps-Current Force, will obtain approval from the Milestone Decision Authority to begin fielding in 2nd quarter fiscal year 2008. The joint fielding plan is currently being revised to reflect the changes in which units will be getting which functionality (planning, management or both). The Army fielding plan will be prioritized and approved by HQDA G3.

The Army fielding plan has now been validated and approved by Department of the Army, G3. The Inter-Service Training Review Organization study that was conducted to determine the feasibility of consolidating all Service’s resident JNMS training at Fort Gordon was approved in October. Personnel actions to obtain the required instructors from each of the Services have been initiated. Equipment installation is scheduled for May 2007 followed by instructor training in the June/July timeframe. The first iteration of JNMS training is scheduled to begin in 1st quarter FY08.

For further information on JNMS, contact Russell Benoit or Billy Rogers, TCM NS, 706-791-7501/ 2334, respectively. DSN prefix is 780. Email addresses are benoitr@gordon.army.mil or rogersb@gordon.army.mil.

Mr. Benoit is currently an assistant TCM and senior telecommunications specialist for TCM NS. Benoit has been working Network Operations and JNMS since 1997.

Mr. Rogers is a Senior Systems Analyst with Femme Comp, Inc. and provides TSM NS (formerly TSM WINT) with contract support services for the JNMS program. Mr. Rogers has been the primary TRADOC point of contact for the JNMS since 1998. He managed the development of network management programs for the Defense Information Systems Agency prior to his retirement from the Army and also provided contract support services to TSM Network Management before its merger with TSM WIN-T in 2001.


ATEC–Army’s Test and Evaluation Command

FQT–Functional Qualification Testing

FY–Fiscal year

GA–government assessment

ITRO–Inter-Service Training Review Organization

JTMS–Joint Network Management System

MDA–Milestone Decision Authority

TSM NS–TRADOC System Manager for Networks and Services

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