As if from the hand of an artist, Waterbrush inspires an emotional response from the heart and mind.

Inspirational, because there is nothing quite like it an the market. Inspirational, because of its unique texture and its harmonious range of hues. Inspirational, because of its functionality.

Three reasons to be among the first to specify a fabric that creates the ultimate surface – complimenting the most creative of minds.

Waterbrush is the latest textured fabric from Melded Fabrics and as such embodies the latest in non-woven technologies.

Functional attributes which include a light, natural dimensional stability, good acoustic properties, non-fray edges and a durability that provides for easy maintenance.

Whatever the surface, be it horizontal or vertical, the new texture and gentle emboss of Waterbrush will wash a soothing hue aver acoustic panels, partitions and workstations.

If your latest commission requires something truly inspirational, request a sample from the palette of the master … Melded Fabrics.

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