Brownshoes in action comix: “the kind real aviators like”

Brownshoes in action comix: “the kind real aviators like” – Classic

It was in the tanker pattern at the RAG that young “Butch” Fusco heard of the horrors …

“Well Gee, this isn’t so bad …

“Heck, KA-6 are easy! Just wait until you have to plug a KC-135!”


The words echoed in his helmet like the sweepers call on the 1MC …

“Just wait…. Just wait …”


Once Butch joined the fleet, his squadron mates did little to ease his apprehension …

“What’s the KC-135 really like?

“Ever seen `Deliverance’?”


The civic brief made it sound so easy …

“Up to five wraps of the hose around the nose of the aircraft is acceptable. Caution is to be exercised near the steel spikes that protrude from the basket.”


But the man-up was the final straw …

“Let’s launch this baby, Airman Smith. What’s with the armbands?”


However, in the end the evolution would he remembered by Butch as “No big deal” …

“Ah … Excuse me, Chief. Would you call `radome missing’ an up or down gripe?”


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